Like it, love it or loathe it X-Factor is back on our t.v screens and it is all you will hear about on Saturday
evenings from now on, truthfully I have found the U.K version to be dull and very tired and much prefer
the U.S version...Britney is brutal!
Cast your mind back to a few seasons ago and you will recall Cher Llyod who was pretty much
Cheryl Cole's mini me, I quite enjoyed Cher bratty attitude and all.
It sure beats the sniffling sob stories - my goldfish died boo-hoo, 
shut it and get on with the singing I don't care about Nemo!

Well recently Cher Llyod released her first fragrance and I'd be lying if I said that the bottle
isn't pretty funky, okay it's not something you can gift to your granny but I think most will
see the girly appeal of a huge pink diamond shaped bottle.
To me it looks like a giant ring pop?
The bottle is to remind us all that very much like a diamond we are all special, no matter what others
may say...cheesy yes but the setiment is there and that is what counts.

"A sweet fruity floral fragrance with dominating top notes of golden Quince, Cassis and exotic Kiwi,
mixed with the confident middle notes of Jasmine petals, white chocolate, Orchid and Orris root.
Leaving you with base notes of creamy musk, Vanilla pod and Indian Sandal wood."

Much like the bottle and box the scent inside is very young and feminine.
To me it smells really similar to Britney Spears Fantasy which happens to be a personal favourite,
it's pretty much a suit all sweet almost candy floss scent and would make a great gift
with a very purse friendly price indeed!

Avaliable now from The Fragrance Shop, The Perfume Shop, Boots and Semi-Chem
30ml/£15 50ml/£20*