As you may know I placed a little order with Shrio cosmetics and one of the items that 
caught my eye was the Why Not Zoidberg Intertube.
Oddly enough i'm not even a Futurama fan but I just couldn't say no to the quirky cuteness
of this lip product not to mention the shade is totally up my alley!

Shiro Intertubes come in countless colours and in full size version come in wide up transparent packaging
which isn't all that dissimilar to the likes of a typical lip balm.
It works well with the consistency of the product and because they all have cute little labels,
not to mention that they are sturdy and wind up and down with ease you would be hard pushed 
to really find fault with the packaging.

As mentioned the Shiro Intertubes come in several shades but from the offset I knew 
Why Not Zoidberg had to mine - a bright yellow based coral that leans slightly red...yes please.
The shade is truly beautiful and as the coral doesn't gleam orange it has less of a summer vibe 
than your typical coral shade.
I don't have anything truly identical to this shade but it is a little similar to MAC's See Sheer.

The texture of Why Not Zoidberg is a little bizarre, when applying it does feel a little gritty and rough
yet when on the lips it seems to melts and feels like a lip balm - hydrating and comfortable to wear.
The colour pay off is also more than decent, one swipe through provides a light burst of colour
yet it layers up to almost full opaque coverage in around three passes.
The beauty of the Intertubes is you can have all the coverage of a lipstick yet all the comfort
of a lip balm with a light glossy sheen.
These wear slightly better than lip balm but not quite as long wearing as a typical lipstick,
I get around an hour and a half of wear before requiring a touch up.

Shiro Why Not Zoidber Intertube $6.50 (£4.06) - link