I personally love palettes as it's means I can depot make-up or buy refills
but my main bug bear is that most (MAC, Stila, FashionistA) are made only to hold their branded
products and even then you seldom can mix and match, i.e one palette that holds any pan form
cosmetic item from such lines.
Well struggle no more and invest in an Unii Palette!

"The days of applying makeup from a dozen different cases is over! 
The UNII Palette magnetically stores your favourite make-up into one beautiful case."

Unii Palettes are funky yet sturdy plastic palettes which come in 6 colour options,
I went with Midnight as all of my other palettes are black and I like a little uniformity (I'm weird like that)
but I think my next one will have to be the Lavender version as it's such a pretty shade.
With the palette being plastic it is easily wiped clean and the tight rubberised sealed edges
absorb shock which protects the contents of the palette.
As the palette is just a large magnetised base that comes complete with a huge great quality mirror
you can pick and choose what products you want to hold inside.
If you are a serial de-potter you could perhaps get your entire daily make-up bad into one palette?

So what do you get for £15?
  • Magnetized Palette, so make-up pans stay put.
  • Adhesive magnetic sheet with writeable label.
  • Large, full-sized mirror for the make-up on the go.
  • Movable thumb grip.
  • Tight, rubberised seal prevents leaks.
  • Fold-out instruction box.
  • Outer dimensions (LxWxD): 6" x 3.7" x 0.7"
  • Inner dimensions (LxWxD): 5.4" x 2.8" x 0.4"

Truthfully they are far superior to the likes of MAC palettes, they are not flimsy in the slightest
and are well sized, not so large that they are bulky and a pain to carry around but not so small
that you are hard pushed to fit products inside without a tight squeeze.
I really like the addition of the thumb grip and mirror as it makes application of make-up 
on the go that little easier and the large strip of magnetic and labels mean you can crack on with
de-potting your make-up as soon as it arrives which is well thought out.
This is such a great palette and one I would recommend to all be it a make-up junkie or an MUA!

Is this the answer to your de-potting dreams?

Unii Palettes* cost £15 each - link