I have been sitting on this idea for what seems like forever, well this isn't my original concept,
I recall seeing it as a discussion point on Cosmopolitan's Facebook page - link
many months ago and thinking more of us should share how and why we blog
so here goes nothing...

I started blogging early last year and have to say I never truly understood what blogging 
was until it engulfed me well and truly...it happens to us all at some point, it's not an if, it's a when!
The first ever blogs I read and still do to this day were The British Beauty Blogger - link
and Cosmetic Candy - link, like I said I had no idea really what a blog was up until then
and actually thought both were some sort of online magazine.
I actually envisioned both writers of such blogs to live life's similar to the head honcho in The Devil Wears 
Prada...I have a vivid imagination and a lot of spare time haha!

Both myself and sister were watching T.V and eating sneaky late night Pizza and I was boring her
with my newest MAC purchases (MAC Pink Friday Lipstick) and she suggested that rather than
boring my friends, family and most importantly her with my newest make-up purchases and finds
perhaps it was time to sit down and share with the world through blogging.
I actually laughed and was more than opposed to the idea yet here we are a year later and more than
1300 posts in...who had the last laugh (clue it wasn't me).

I'm not going to lie and say pushing the publish on your first post isn't daunting, it was and is
but if you don't try new things how can you grow as a person?
Sure I look back on my first posts and cringe but somehow I can never bring myself to delete them
as they show how far I have come with this little blog and give me a royal kick up the ass
when I feel like slacking off!

The best part of blogging? 
When someone other than your Mum clicks that follow button and leaves a comment.
A stranger engaging with you about a random lipstick rambling,
sheer magic and something that only a fellow blogger would understand.
Not that i'm not grateful for my family reading my blog and my mum telling anyone and everyone about it,
slightly mortifying when she tells her newsagent that her daughter will have something to clear up
those spots on his face...cheers Maw!

Yes I've had some amazing opportunities through blogging that would never have happened
had I not sat down and rambled about that hot mess of a lipstick that was Pink Friday
but the best part has to be the amazing people that I have meet along the way some that I am lucky enough to call friends and all the lovely people who sit down and put up with my constant ranting raving 
about beauty products and put up with the odd spelling mistake or ten on a daily basis ;)

So thank you all for the support over the year and I hope many others start blogging
so I can return the support!

Why do you blog and who inspired you to crack open that laptop and create your own little
corner of the big bad internet? And yes doing this kind of post is wayyyyyy wayyyy out
of my comfort zone...eek!