I think most of us like the idea of waxing (pain aside) but tend to avoid it as we deem it to be messy
and dare I say it rather tricky, what if the wax is too cold or worse what if the wax is too hot?
Well Veet have recently launched an at home wax kit that is electrical
and takes all the guess work out of at home waxing!

The new Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll on Kit comes in two sizes - one for the bikini/underarm areas
and one for the legs and arms. I had no idea people removed hair from their forearms?
Looking at my little hair arms maybe it should be food for thought but hey I need some fur
for the upcoming Scottish Winter.

Anyway I digress, I have been sent the leg/arm kit and it contains:
- a self heating device with cap
- 50ml roll on wax refill (you can re-purchase these at a later date)
- 12 non-woven strips
- a base to hold the device
- an electrical cable
- full instructions

"Discover the new Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On - an innovative self heating wax system
with a roll-on applicator for salon wax results at home.
Formulated with the same ingredients as the waxes used in waxing salons,
Veet wax removes hair from the root at first application and is effective on hair as short as 2mm.
It is specially formulated with natural beeswax for all skin types including sensitive.
Skin remains impeccably smooth for up to 4 weeks"

To use you simply click the wax refill into the device, plug in and leave in the device to warm up
for 20 minutes then you simply roll the wax on to the area you wish to remove the hair from in the direction the hair grows i.e knee to ankle, take a strip and press down firmly and rub the strip repeatedly then
quickly remove the strip from the area in one swift movement.
I'd like to tell you that it is pain free but i'd only be lying to you and myself
but the the beauty of at home waxing is that you don't have to pretend that you are brave
and can take breaks should you feel the need unlike at the salon.

To finish up simply use one of the provided wipes to remove any excess wax,
I also like to apply a quick layer of Aloe Vera gel too as it soothes and cools the legs.
I tried this a good few weeks ago and found the results to last me nearly a fortnight before
I felt the need to slap on some Veet Cream which is good going for me as I normally shave my legs
every second day or twice a week if using a hair removal cream....what can I say i'm from
a very hairy gene pool haha!

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll On Kit* £29.99 via Boots - link