I know how important it is for some to have hair care that is paraben and silicone free
but sometimes hair care of this type can be on the pricey side so let me once again
introduce you Timotei Pure range which consists of shampoos, conditioners
and of course a dry shampoo which i'd like to share my thoughts on.

"Timotei Pure dry shampoo absorbs oil and revitalises your hair without water,
to keep it refreshed and feeling clean in between washes."

Timotei Pure dry shampoo has to be one of the nicest scented dry shampoo's I have encountered
the fragrance is some what akin to D&G Light Blue?
The dry shampoo is dispensed in a fine mist and very easily absorbed without leaving the hair
coated in an annoying residue that some dry shampoo's have a tendency to do.
It also will not leave dark hair looking ashen but absorbs any excess oil
and also adds a little volume to the roots.

All in all a wonderful dry shampoo that costs less than £2 and is available from
most supermarkets and the likes of Boots and Superdrug.