Okay the U.K never really saw much of a Summer and the chances of an Indian Summer
in Scotland are as likely as myself winning the lottery but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be
wearing a good SPF daily, sun or not!

Like most I have struggled in my quest to find good UV and SPF protectants for my face,
I know some can get away with applying an ordinary sun lotion to their face and not pay for
it in the form of more spots than a dalmatian but my skin isn't that kind.
I need something light and oil free and matte when applied to the face.

In the past I have used Asda's own brand facial sun cream but in my store it is a seasonal product
and will be gone in the last week of September which means I have to find something else to protect
my skin against the harmful and ageing rays of the sun.
I was recently sent SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defence which is undeniably more pricey
than my usual to go to product but it is higher quality and works wonderfully well with my oily skin.

SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defence is a light cream like product that not only offers protection
against UV (UVA/UVB) rays but also a high SPF factor of 30, it lightly moisturises but not so 
much that those like myself with oily skin need to worry about and over time helps to even out
the skin tone while adding a slight brightening effect with each application.
It sinks instantly into the skin and settles to a matte finish which makes it a great starting point
in any facial routine including us that wear foundation.
A little goes a long way and as it has an SPF30 it is also suitable for those sunny days
meaning one bottle will suit all weather which is not only a time saver but in the long run
money saved too!

SkinCeuticals Brightening UV Defence* 30ml/£34 for stockists see here - link