I reviewed Clairns 3 Dot Liner - link a few posts back
and although many of you loved the concept some felt the price tag was a little too steep
which is completely understandable so with that in mind I hit my local Bourjois stand 
and tracked down their alternative - Bourjois Intuitive Liner.

Bourjois Intuitive Liner comes presented within a sleek black plastic pen style tube
which I feel looks just as good as any of the pricer versions of the same liner - they all seem to be
packaged in a similar style truth be told.
The nib is a three pronged felt tip style which allows precise application with minimal fuss.
At the moment the Bourjois Intuitive Liner only comes in black but as most will use it to dot on the
liner rather than draw thick or heavy lines on the eye it is pretty much a suit all option
and will not be harsh on the palest on skin tones.
I quickly want to mention that it is a true black with no blue or grey leanings
but it is not as intense in colour as the Clarins version.

So how do you use this liner and why the three dot approach?
Well you simply dot the liner along the lash line (it is suitable for both the upper and lower lash lines)
with the aim of trying to get as close as possible to the root of the lashes.
The idea is that the dots of liner accompanied with a coat or two of mascara gives the impression
of longer and thicker eyelashes with next to no work.
You can of course use the liner to draw normal lines on the eyelids if you wish.
For me this is a great and innovative product that is perfect for ladies like myself who don't
really wear thick liner but would still like to define their eyes somewhat
and let's face it who doesn't want to give the impression of longer, thicker eyelashes.
It is also wonderful for those again like myself who have hooded eyelids as it does not swamp
the eyelid and in return makes the eyes look a little more open.

The main question most will want answered will be is it much different from the Clarins version
and in a nut shell no - they are almost identical products but with different names
but with a slight difference in colour pay off with Clarins being a tad more intense.
Bourjois Intuitive Liner claims to wear for 24 hours - sorry I'm not for sleeping in my make-up but it did
stay on place for a good eight hours.

Bourjois Intuitive Liner is meant to launch on the 15th but it has already
sneaked into my local Superdrug but isn't online just yet -£6.99/0.66ml