I have featured this in many side posts but never fully reviewed it which is a shame
as it truly is a fabolous tan albeit a little on the expensive side of things.
Now the Scottish Summer is well and truly over (it never really began in all honesty)
a full on deep bronze tan is not really appropriate in my opinion but I do always feel
a little better with a light natural glow to my skin to calm down my sallow undertone
and this is when I reach for Sisley Self Tanning Lotion Spray.

Unlike some tanning sprays on the market this is not an aerosol but a natural pump spray
that finely mists the body with a lightly scented lotion that you can either leave to absorb into
the skin on it's own or do what I do and rub in using a tanning mitt.
The lotion is not tinted so I just feel with the extra step of the mitt you are far less likely to
encounter streaks which no-one wants...trust me.
I do not find this to be drying towards the skin and find one application wears for around 4 days
before it begins to truly fade and you will be pleased to know that it fades evenly.

This is not the deepest self tanner on the market but it does deepen my skin by around two shades
without giving an orange tint to my skin, the effect is a light golden bronze which looks
very natural and is suitable for most skin tones - deep skins may struggle to see any results.
As with most self tanners you can use this daily to build up to deeper tan and again it will
not leave you with a radioactive orange glow just deeply bronzed golden skin.

Sisley Self Tanning Lotion Spray* - link

Self Tan Disclaimer - I do not show before and after photos as self tanners are an individualist product and truly do depend on your natural skin tone and I wouldn't want to display unrealistic results for some.

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