When the Hunger Games books first came out and every one and their mother was raving about
just how good they are I promised myself I wouldn't give in to the hype but oh I did,
I fell hard and when I saw a collection of eyeshadows based on The Hunger Games I simply had
to have a few!

I'm new to the Indie market but Shiro Cosmetics is ran by one girl
and each product is vegan and cruelty free which is simply wonderful, you can read more here -link
if you are interested in Indie cosmetics I can not recommend Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit Blog
enough, she knows her stuff and has a list of Indie brands to check out too! - link

In the Tribute collection there is 12 shades but as this was my first order I only purchased four shades,
I would also like to mention that I went for the sample sizes which came in small transparent baggies
but I decided to decant them into little screw top jars for ease of use, each baggie contains 1/4 of
a teaspoon of product which sounds minuscule but it is a generous amount for a sample.

On to the swatches, dry swatches on the left, wet on the right...

Bakers Boy
Bakers Boy is a light sand beige shade that has plenty of shimmer,
it makes a great natural highlight shade or a light wash of colour.
It reminds me of the shade of bread dough...Shiro nailed this colour completely!
Fans of neutrals will love this, I plan to couple this with my original Naked palette.
This shade doesn't alter too much in tone be it wet or dry.
Bakers Boy is the least pigmented of the bunch but still offers great colour pay off.

Girl on Fire
There really could be no colour more perfect than this to represent Girl on Fire!
Girl on Fire is a light bright orange that has a strong golden nuance that really does give the illusion
of fire, a great bright shade that is pretty original and could double up as a blush .
The pigmentation of this shade is amazing but it does truly come to life when foiled (used wet).

Mockingjay is a bright amber shade, not quite gold yet not quite orange.
It reminds me of MAC's Amber Lights eyeshadow only Mockingjay has a strong colour pay
off and much more shimmer, this a lovely warm almost neutral shade that works great with deep
chocolate brown shades or with whatever your little heart desires.
Again this offers great colour pay off when used dry but for a little extra depth I do recommend
using this shade wet.

In the pot Rebellion looks black but it is in fact a deep metallic navy shade
that is crazily pigmented so much so that it doesn't really differ wet or dry!
This is a great alternative to black eyeshadow and reminds me of a more intense MAC Deep Truth.

Each sample cost me $1 (62p) and shipping was $3 (£1.87) so very reasonable indeed,
it roughly took two weeks for my samples to get to me but please do check out Shiro's site
for current turn over times - link

So fellow Hunger Game fans will you be picking up some Tribute eyeshadows?