A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post that every now and then I suffer from an itchy scalp
now I have of course been to the doctor to ensure it is nothing that needs medical assistance
but it was determined that much like myself my scalp is a little temperamental and nothing that
certain products can't help sort out!

My first tip is to ditch any dry shampoos and products that go directly on the scalp
such as volume powders as sometimes they can be the route of scalp irritations.
My next tip is to switch to paraben free hair care products as they tend to kinder to the skin
and scalp not to mention they are less drying which can often be the root (no pun intended)
of the problem.

My favourite paraben free hair care ranges are Naked - they have such an extensive range
that has pretty much every hair type sorted and are pretty budget friendly.
You can source Naked in selected Boots stores and via KMI Club - link.

Something a little lower in price but just as effective is the new Pure range by Timotei 
which I have been raving about for a good few weeks now, not only do they have shampoo
and conditioner in the collective but also a dry shampoo which is less irritating to the scalp
than most dry shampoo's on the UK high street.
You can source Timotei in most supermarkets and in Boots/Superdrug stores
with prices starting as low as £1!

Sometimes doing this will not be quite enough to cure the irritation and if that is the case
I highly recommend T-Gel shampoo, okay it is not the most pleasant fragrance or swish product
on the market but as it is medicated it really gets to work quickly and is often the product
I rely on when my scalp flares up!
This is available from most chemists, drugstores and supermarkets.

If you have an itchy scalp that is a fairly frequent problem I do recommend heading to the doctor
to ensure it's nothing that requires medication but if like myself it is just the occasional
flare up then hopefully you'll find some of the above products useful!