May I begin by saying that I am so happy that many of you enjoy these little posts
and find reading my routine soothing and relaxing, for some reason that makes me a happy bunny!
Anyway I really do hope you can all squeeze in even ten minutes a week just for yourself
to pop on a face mask and indulge a little.

This week I'm not going all out in terms of pampering as I am rather tired
after helping wallpaper a bathroom and sorting out my room so it can be re-decorated
anyway I digress so let's get on to tonight's plans.

At the moment there is no other cleanser in my life other than Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
which is a complete treat to use and instantly melts off any make-up with such ease that once
you begin using it you do tend to wonder how you survived so long without it.
I've only been using this for around a week but will review in full once I've finished the tube.

No face mask for me tonight but I will be using St Ives Warming facial scrub to gently buff 
away any dead and dull skin and prepare it for the week ahead.
Again this is a fairly new product to my skin care routine but it is a keeper for sure.

Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil is intended for over night use, a stay on the skin type of treatment
if you will but as I don't like to keep oil on my skin I like to rub a little of this on to my thighs
and other areas that are prone to cellulite and use my bod brush to massage in the product before
jumping under the shower and rinsing it off.

Speaking of pre-shower treatments I also like to take a similar approach with hair oil,
this time around it is Moroccan oil. What I do is I apply a generous amount of oil to the ends
and dry areas of my hair and then wrap it up in an old towel, leaving for up to 20 minutes
before rinsing and shampooing as normal for an added boost of moisture and nourishment to the hair.

Now that we are in Autumn (yipee I love Autumn) I can not get enough of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Cream,
it is a thick body butter type cream that has a light lavender and chamomile scent that is comforting,
relaxing and does help to settle me before bed.

The little pot of Vaseline is to combine a small amount with a spoonful of sugar (try not singing the
Mary Poppins song in your head...I dare you!) to make my own lip scrub.

My polish this week pretty much reflects my love for Autumn and is Mememe's Seductive
which I will be using on both my hands and feet.

The candle of choice this time around is Slatkin and Co Leaves which is a warm blend of Apple
with a slight cinnamon kick, I hate spice type scents yet truly adore this.

Have a great Sunday evening everyone!