I know I am not alone in reaching my twenties yet still having the skin of a 16 year old boy
who lives on pizza...yum!
The problem with most skin care products is that they can be harsh on the skin and more often than not
laden with chemicals that can more often than not make the skin worse rather than better.
Well today I bring to you the OXY Natural Skin Science range that is free from alcohol, parabens
and SLS's and uses the natural power of seaweed to bust those blemishes!

OXY Seaweed Power Fresh Skin Wash 150ml
This has a fresh aquatic scent and is a gel wash that features tiny red micro scrub beads to gently
exfoliate the skin as you cleanse.
It does a wonderful job of removing general dirt, grime and even make-up without being harsh on the skin.
The wash does claim to reduce the amount of blemishes on the skin in a 48 hour period,
I can't say that happened but when I trialled this over a two week period my skin was definitely
clearer and produced less oil without being dried out which is always a good thing!

OXY Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant 100ml
Sensitive skin needs a gentle yet effective facial scrub and in my opinion for such skin types you
really can't get much better than OXY Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant.
It is a micro fine scrub that gently foams while it exfoliates the skin, revealing brighter and over time
clearer skin. My blemish prone skin doesn't always react well with facial scrubs but this was a complete success, it removed any dry or dull skin without irritating any blemishes on my face
all the while helping to heal existing blemishes while preventing future ones from rearing their ugly heads!

OXY Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm 50ml
Do not be off put but the balm title this is in fact a light oil free moisturiser which is simply amazing
for oily/blemish prone complexions as it lightly hydrates the skin while reducing any redness
and again over time aiding in the battle to keep your skin clear!
If you struggle finding a great yet affordable light moisturiser that will not overwhelm oily skin
then this is one to seek out as it actually dissolves excess oil and in turn keeps the face oil free for longer,
a great base before applying make-up!

OXY Emergency Spot Treatment Gel 10ml
You know how it is some mornings you wake up and there it is the mother of all spots
and normally in a place for all to see it is alarming red glory!
Well this little tube of gel is your new best friend as it dramatically reduces not only the size of
any blemish but also the redness - it claims to work in just 4 hours which I didn't find to be true
but if you apply a good few times (up to 6 times) during the day come bed time the spot is pretty much a goner! But it can dry out the skin so do be careful!

You can buy all 4 products for £19.99 via OXY *- link
or pick them up as individual items from Boots and Superdrug with prices starting at £5.99