Do you recall a few posts back I was grumbling that despite branding themselves as Collection
everything was still tagged as Collection 2000?
Well I have some new items and guess what? There's no sight of the old 2000,
just the word Collection adorns the new products!

Collection BB Secrets Beauty Balm in Medium £3.99/30ml via Boots - link

It seems that every brand and their mother has released a BB cream, some I have been more excited
than others and oddly this has to be one of the ones I am glad to see on the market.
Not only is it budget friendly costing less than £5 but it has a great creamy texture,
offers light-mid coverage ( it will provide an even skin tone but you may need a little concealer for
blemishes/scars), blends well and is comfortable to wear.

The only downsides are that it is a little too dewy in finish for my preference but nothing a quick dusting of
powder wouldn't fix and it doesn't wear great on oily skin around 4/5 hours without a primer
but if you have normal to dry skin it is worth looking into as it may be a great choice for you.

Sadly this only comes in two shades light and medium at the moment - I found medium to be a little pink 
in tone but as mentioned it does blend well so most mid skin tones should be able to make it work.

Collection Blush & Highlight Cream Duo in Peaches and Cream £3.99 via Boots - link

This has to be favourite addition to the Collection line up - a dinky little duo that holds a cream blush
and a cream highlight.
Again this comes in two shades Peaches and Cream (Coral peach blush with an iridescent highlighter) 
and Strawberry and Cream (Bright candy pink blush with an iridescent highlighter), 
I simply had to have the Peaches and Cream duo as I am a massive lover of anything remotely coral in tone.

For cream products they are fairly firm in texture but do produce great colour pay off once warmed
with the finger tips, you can use them anywhere on the face and the blush can also double up as a lip shade.
The texture of the creams is great it blends easily into the skin and in the blushes case settles to a semi matte
finish that works so well with oily skin, the highlight is nice enough and looks great on the cheek bones
or anywhere else you see fit but for me the blush segment is the winner.
In terms of wear I found the blush and highlight to last around 6 hours before fading slightly.

What do you think of the new Collection additions?