Garnier have recently launched a Dark Spot Corrector which is a daily illuminating moisturiser,
the general idea is that it fades dark spots, age spots and blemish marks over a period of time.
Having lots of old scars from my teenage acne to say I am more than keen to try this out
is an understatement.

Garnier claims that after 4 weeks that the problem areas should be reduced with skin looking more
radiant and moisturised, after 8 weeks the results should be intensive but after 12 weeks not only should 
the problem areas be faded but also appear smaller in size.
I've decided to test this out over the 12 weeks, with a 4 week update, then an 8 week update
concluding with the final instalment after 12 weeks have passed!

This time I  have took a before photo of what I affectionately
call my pox scars so we can compare before and after results over the coming weeks.
You lucky, lucky lot haha!

"How does it work? 
The light, non-greasy formula is highly concentrated in pure Vitamin C, 
known for it's anti-oxidant and brightening properties. 
With use, discolourations appear faded: it visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots, 
age spots, blemish marks and evens skin tone. 
Skin is luminous, radiant and looks beautiful even without make-up.
The formula has been developed to suit all skin types."

So what do I initially think of this product?
Well it smells beautiful - a light fresh fruity yet floral scent,
now I think about it does have a fairly typical vitamin C fragrance.
Garnier Dark Spot Corrector is more akin in texture to a serum than it is to a cream based moisturiser,
it is light but moisturises really well without overloading the skin and isn't too intense even on oily skin.
I found the product to instantly soak in, didn't leave any residue nor did it leave a horrid tightening sensation and left my skin looking brighter instantly!
Oh and less is more, a small drop goes a long, long way so my guess is that one tube should easily
see out the 8 weeks if not the 12 week trial!

I'm really eager to get on with this trial...scar free skin here I come.
Oh yes say hello to Splotches...woof!!

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector* is currently on offer via Superdrug for £7.49/50ml - link
if you fancy joining me on my 12 week quest?