A week has now passed since I received my JolieBox for the month of August
and I have managed to give everything inside the box a good go in order to give
all the products a mini review of sorts.

I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism and feel if you can't stand the heat get out the kitchen
so with that in mind I want to know if you would rather I stopped posting my initial thoughts
on all sample boxes and simply did a review after trialling the contents?

On with my thoughts...

As mentioned in a few posts, I have indeed tried the Pure-Castitle soaps in the past
and find it to be a great product to travel with as you can do so many things with it.
In the past it has been the rose variation which was lovely but perhaps a little too strong for cleansing 
my make-up brushes and things of that nature but the baby version is perfect as it is essentially non-scented
and a little more gentle. If you are looking for a great all round cleanser be it your face, body, brushes
or even surfaces you can't really go wrong with this!
P.s The Citrus scent would be dreamy to pack to take with you on a warm summer holiday.

Phil Smith Revitalising Dry Shampoo
A lovely scented dry shampoo that combats oily roots
and gives a little boost of volume to flat hair without adding too much residue to the scalp.
A great travel size and one I recommend giving a go if you are a fan of dry shampoos.

So Susan Cosmetics Lip Cushion
Sadly this product is not for me, although fairly moisturising on the lips
without really adding any colour it was a little too thick and uncomfortable in terms of wear
for me to ever enjoy, that and the scent was a little too sweet for my personal taste.
All that being said I do feel that this may be more suited to younger girls than myself...
look at me pretending that in my twenties i'm a grown up haha!

So Susan Cosmetics Wide Awake Face Palette
Again not the bigest fan of this So Susan offering but mainly due to the eye brow powders,
I really don't understand the colour choices?
That and the colour pay off was poor so they couldn't be used as eye shades either,
that being said the two cream radiance products were lovely
and the packaging is so cute it is hard to stay angry at this product.
I feel that if So Susan worked a little on the formula and colour options this would be a winner.

Joliebox Cut by Fred Leather Hair Wrap
This is for wrapping around your hair as an accessory but as that isn't really my style
I popped on to eBay and ordered a tonne of Navajo inspired charms and once they arrive
I shall show you how I (plan) on turning this into a cord bracelet! 

So what did you make of this months box?

Joliebox* is a monthly subscription programme, you can find out more here - link