The cooler Autumn air gives us all the perfect excuse to indulge in warm bubble laden baths
with a good book and if you are feeling particularly blissed out a pretty candle.
If a bath is an evening indulgence to set you up for a dreamy night of sleep ahead then
you may want to investigate Neom Tranquillity Bath Foam.

"For a deeply relaxing pre-bedtime indulgence, look no further. 
This Organic Bath Foam is packed with soothing Marshmallow, Aloe Leaf, Coconut, 
Sweet Almond and the pure essential oils of our best-selling Tranquillity scent 
(English Lavender with Sweet Basil and Jasmine). 
Your skin will be left gently scented and soft to touch, and your bathroom a haven of calm."

Neom Tranquillity Bath Foam not only comes presented within a beautiful glass bottle
that will look chic perched on any bath tub or shelf but the contents are constructed of 74% certified
organic ingredients and 26% natural ingredients not to mention it features 100% pure essential oils
and not tested on animals either so you can indulge with a clear conscience and lots of soapy bubbles!

The Tranquillity scent is constructed of English Lavender, Sweet Basil and Jasmine
but the most prominent scent is the English Lavender and is renowned for it's relaxing 
and soothing properties making it the perfect choice for a pre-bed time soak in the bath tub
as it will relax both the body and mind and in turn prepare you for a wonderful nights sleep.

Neom Tranquillity Bath Foam* £20/200ml - link