Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybelline Fit Me Range - Reviews

Newly on the Maybelline stand is the Fit Me Collection which consists of foundation, concealer
and a pressed powder each of which have been split into three colour categories: light, medium
and dark - I can't seem to source just how many shades are available but after looking at the Maybelline
stand in my local supermarket which is far from well equipped and even that had a great colour selection.

"Flawless that lets the real you come through.
Fit Me Foundation, it's make-up that doesn't mess with you.
No oils, no waxes, no nonsense. 
Natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be fresh, breathing, natural. 
Exclusive translucent base and lightweight pigments allow skin's natural highs 
and lows to show through."

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 220 Natural Beige

The foundation in the Fit Me line comes very well presented within a glass bottle with black
accents and a built in pump which prevents waste from dispensing excess product.
I slot into the medium skin category and have been sent shade 220 natural beige which is a really good match, the foundation itself is a light textured liquid which offers medium to high coverage but can be a little
tricky to blend particularly if you have any dry patches if that is the case I suggest dampening your brush
before application, the plus side is that it does not settle into my enlarged pores and does offer
great coverage so much so that I didn't bother with concealer when I wore tested it.
Maybelline Fit Me foundation settles to a natural dewy finish and wore for around 7 hours before
signs of wear appeared on my oily areas (mainly my t-zone) but I do have to say it is a great high street
foundation that covers well and is comfortable to wear.

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Concealer in 220 Natural Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is presented within a long slim tube and has a doe foot applicator
which I loathe in lip gloss products but find it to work very well with this kind of product
as it allows you to dab on the product and then blend out using your fingertips/brush.
The concealer in the Fit Me range is of a creamy liquid consistency and can be used to conceal
blemishes or under eye circles and as it isn't too thick it doesn't gather into fine lines that are
often a problem for the under eye area.
It covers blemishes well and settles to a matte finish and wears for around 8 hours when set
with a powder product and didn't present any problems for my oily skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 220 Natural Beige

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder feels rather pricey and looks pretty swish despite being encased
in a plastic square black compact that features a soft facial puff to apply or touch up during the day
and a sizeable mirror which always comes in handy.
Again I was sent Natural Beige which is surprisingly lighter in tone compared to the other Natural Beige
products in the collection, I initially put this down to it perhaps oxidising throughout the day
but that is not the case at all but what I can say is that despite being rather light and almost chalky
in colour when buffed into the skin using a large brush it blends into the skin tone seamlessly.
The Fit Me Pressed Powder has a soft velvet like texture that sets make-up and reduces shine
from the face without masking the face and wore for around 4 hours at a time on my oily skin.

The Maybelline Fit Me* collection is available now at most Maybelline stockists
but has not crept online as of yet!

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  1. I love the packaging on these! I wonder when these will hit Manila..soon, I hope!

  2. I bought one of these foundations on eBay about 6 months ago, It didn't have a pump and I wasn't fussed. Guessing it was a fake, fail, Lis ahaha xx.

    1. Maybe not sometimes UK/US packaging differs :)

    2. yeah because I got this quite a while ago at my local drugstore and it doesn't have a pump. I've noticed a lot of UK drugstore foundations have pumps while it's rare a US foundation comes with one :/

  3. YES. I have been waiting for this.

    I think I read that it's something like 18 shades? I could be wrong, but it's some ridic. high number like that.

    (This is Cocolita/ BTW. New gmail = new profile whoop-de-doo)

    1. You are probably right :) it is extensive anyway haha :)

  4. Ooh, can't wait to try these, they've been in the US for ages and I've been waiting for ages to try them - wonder if they go pale enough for my exotic skin tone lol!

    1. Temptalia's foundation matrix has matches for Fit Me on, so you could try looking there!

    2. Ooh, thanks Nic, looks like they do have one pale enough for me - yay!

  5. I just got the foundation and have high hopes. It swatched really nicely on the shop :)

  6. I had no idea this was out in the UK now! I've wanted to try the foundation for ages, the finish looks lovely! x

    1. Yup was out on Monday I think :) I agree it is a really lovely well priced foundation :)

  7. this looks lovely, obviously not the powder, but the foundation looks great!

    1. My swatch is doing it no justice I promise the powder is pretty great too :)

  8. I HATED this foundation. It sits on your skin and if I touched my face there was a line of where the product came off. Total dewy/cake face look.

    1. Oh god! That is not a great experience at all, I got on okay with it but sorry to hear that :(

  9. i NEED the foundation & concealer in my life! sounds amazing :) i have oily skin but love a dewy/natural finish so this sounds perfect!

  10. I really want to try out these concealers ive heard a good bit about them :D xx

    1. Be great for your kit as they come in a tonne of shades :)

  11. I'm not loving the packaging, but your description of the products sounds so good I think it's forgivable! ;) xo

  12. I quite like the packaging and I swatched some shades when in store today and there seemed to be quite a good range for pale skin tones :] Great post x

  13. Ooh this range looks interesting, will have to give the foundation a whirl!

  14. Such luxe packaging, looks like Mac. The concealer look very similar to the raved-about Collection number as well :-)

  15. nice:) following u

  16. sent off for a free sample of this so i'll be interested to see how it goes! lol thanks for the review! :D xo


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