Saturday, September 22, 2012

Limited Edition Michel Mercier SAS Box

Sample boxes will be nothing new to most of us but hands up who finds limited edition products 
that little tougher to pass up on? I know I do!
The newest limited edition box on the scene is the Michel Mercier SAS Box.

So what is inside the box?

Michel Mercier Untangle Your Day Detangling Brush

This is a uniquely designed brush that has been patented and is made up of 428 bristles
which are all positioned at 32 various heights are 16 different diameters to disperse the pressure
placed on the head during brushing all the while massaging the scalp and improving blood flow
which will hopefully result in all round healthier hair.

The brush comes in three types: fine, normal and thick.
I requested the thick variation as my hair is thick, wavy and generally unmanageable.
To me this is an improved Tangle Teezer, it glides through the hair painlessly and untangles
even the most stubborn knots with ease and as it has a proper handle you can use it in more
traditional ways such as teasing in volume or tying your hair up 
which I do struggle to do with a typical Tangle Teezer.
Sadly you can not use this with heat but it works equally well on wet or dry hair.
It really is a fabulous device and one well worth investing in.

Kim Kardashian EDP Sample

I purposely body swerved Kim Kardashians perfume when it first launched
it was nothing personal to her but I do tend to loathe celebrity own brand perfumes.
To me they tend to be just a money making ploy with very little thought or effort really going into
the scent but I do have to admit that Kim Kardashian the EDP is beautiful, a lovely warm yet creamy
floral that is super feminine and for a sample so well packaged, a cute little roller ball!
So massive kudos to Kim Kardashian and yes this is something I hope to purchase in full size.

La Perla Classic EDP Sample

This has been billed as a Classic fragrance but it is pretty rank in all honesty,
to me it smells like the kind of perfume really old ladies wear and wear in abundance.
I'm sorry to be so blunt but it is the truth.

La Perla In Rosa EDP Sample

Unlike the above scent this is rather pleasant a light fruity scent that again may be more suited
to more mature women but those that prefer lighter scents.
It has notes of sandalwood, amber and pear.

John Galliano Parlez- moi d'Amour Eau Fraiche Sample

So Mr Galliano is a questionable character (to put it politely) but Parlez- moi d'Amour Eau Fraiche
is a truly scrumptious scent, light fruity yet sensual with Grapefruit Flower, Rose and Musk notes
which would make it the perfect Spring/Summer scent but I just can't get on board with the brand
after Mr Galliano's rants not so long ago...sorry!

Grigioperla Nero EDP Sample

This is a masculine scent which is described as a modern woody yet citrus scent.
It is rather pleasant but not something I would buy for my boyfriend more something that I 
would consider for a more mature relative such as my Grandad but it is a nice clean scent
that is not offending in any way.

The Limited Edition Michel Mercier SAS Box *costs £14.95 
and is available from

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  1. i love the idea of beauty boxes when the products you receive are suitable for your needs. The rollerball perfume is so cute. I haven't smelt the Kim Kardashian perfume yet but i would have loved to give it a try someday :)
    Thanks for sharing and i hope you enjoy using the products~xoxo

  2. I got a sample of the Kim Kardiashian perfume in my first ever She Said Beauty box back in April and fell in love with it! I went and bought the full size and it is one of my favourites, but my partner hates it! He always complains when I wear it xo

  3. Got to get this nw!! I already own the untangle brush but I still want this box (I'm such a shoppaholic)


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