When it comes to moisturising my body I do tend to favour body butters as they just feel 
so luxurious and tend to be more fragrant than a typical body lotion but that being said
I do have a massive soft spot for Jergens Aloe Body Lotion which has to be one of the freshest 
scented body products on the market! 
With that in mind when asked if I would test the newest additions to the Jergens line up 
I jumped at the chance to see if I could be swayed from my old favourite!

I was sent two large tubes in the Cocoa Butter and Daily Moisture varieties,
now I know not everyone is happy with Jergens image over haul but I can't really see
anything worth complaining about, gone is the old leaf design but pretty much everything else is the same.
The tubes are large and have a flip top that you do have to ensure is securely in place
as due to the thin texture of the lotions they will leak and spill everywhere is left open,
not speaking from experience at all...nope not at all!

As most will be sick to the back teeth of hearing but I am in fact allergic to Cocoa Butter
which is more than annoying as it smells divine and is one of the best body moisturisers available.
So once more I have had to out source this product to my good friend for testing purposes
and she pretty much swears by it for dry, flaky skin on the body.
This particular version of Cocoa Butter is thick yet easily absorbed into the skin
and feels light, soothing and hydrating without leaving behind any yucky residue or irritating sensitive skins.
My friend assures me that this will be her to go to body moisturiser and has actually bought another bottle
to take away on holiday with her next week!

The one I have been testing is the Daily Moisture version which is a light and fresh scented body lotion,
this is slightly more thinner in texture than the above mentioned Cocoa Butter but once applied after
a warm shower it cools and soothes the skin all the while moisturising.
I find this to be particularly great on my legs after shaving or waxing as it restores lost moisture
but cools and calms the skin which can often be much needed.
If you require a light body moisturiser that absorbs into the skin then this is the one to go for!

Jergens Body Lotions* start at £3.49 for 200ml via Boots - link