When it comes to my hair I'm one of those go big or home kinda gals,
the bigger the bouffant the closer to God and all that jazz and I am always a little sceptical 
when any hair brand offers volume without lots of styling!

The Headmasters Big Glam Hair Range comes brightly presented within large pink bottles
which brighten up the shower and are fairly easy to grip when wet.
Both the shampoo and conditioner have a light sweet floral scent that doesn't overpower
but does lightly fragrance the hair as it cleanses and hydrates.

Basically the shampoo and conditioner in The Headmasters Big Glam Hair Range contains polymers
which coat the hair without weighing it done or leaving it with a greasy residue.
The polymers leave the hair looking fuller without any additional styling but it will not give you
massive bouncy hair that can only be achieved with an abundance of tools and time.
In my opinion these products are a great base for kick starting a voluminous hair style
be it with either heat or teasing with product and a comb.

So if you regularly attempt volume based hair styles and would like an extra helping hand 
this range is a really great starting point.

Headmasters Big Glam Hair Shampoo and Conditioner* £4.49(each)/250ml
and are available from Headmasters online/salons and Tesco.