For someone with such an oily complexion I suffer rather badly from dry hands and feet
so when a travel sized companion of Palm & Sole's Solid Moisturiser landed on my doorstep
I knew instantly what I would use it for.

"To release the nourishing rich raw plant oils and the uplifting aromas of Bergamot, Melissa and Rosemary, rub your Solid Oil between your palms. The surface of the Solid will slowly melt into nourishing oil. Now massage the oil into your skin. By placing your Moisturiser back in the cool, dry container it will become solid again, ready to be used whenever you need it. Perfect to keep in your bag, on your desk, bedside table or take with you on a journey. A little goes a long way!"

As above states the solid oil arrives in a travel container which is a wonderfully sized screw lid metal tin,
that is sturdy and preserves the oil bar wonderfully. With a travel sized item you don't want anything too
small nor do you want it bulky and I have to say that Palm & Sole have knocked it on the head,
it is a prefect size for travel yet large enough for anyone to purchase and trial before committing to a full size product!

Palm & Sole products come in various scents (each scent is formed using various natural oils) to
offer selected benefits - I settled on Sparkling which is a blend of Melissa, Bergamot and Rosemary oils
to revive and uplift the senses all the while moisturising the skin.
The sparkling scent is light, bright and has a fresh citrus kick due to the Bergamot oil
yet it has a beautiful floral note with the added Rosemary oil.

As mentioned to use you simply hold the bar between your palms to warm the bar and release the oil
and then apply to anywhere you wish on your body including the face.
If you read this blog you'll know that me and oils don't always see eye to eye
but as this is in bar form and not as loose as a traditional oil I rather enjoy using it.
You reap all the benefits of a liquid oil expect it is less messy and in my opinion lighter in texture,
no oily residue or heavy sensation just a luxurious moisturising treatment with a beautiful uplifting scent.

I use this on my hands and feet daily (well before I jump on the sleepy train)
on my feet I slather on a quick coating and then pull on a pair of cotton socks,
in the morning you will be greeted with baby soft tootsies.
It also works a treat on the hands too but I skip the gloves as it is supposedly summer and all.

For natural oil based products that are extremely well priced I do suggest heading over to , they pretty much have a product for everyone's needs.
I plan on purchasing the Sparkling Deep Night Facial Oil for large pores and knowing my love
of Rose scents I will pick up the Three Rose Solid Oil when it launches.

Palm & Sole Sparkling  Solid Oil Moisturiser* 30ml/£14 - link