It has took me forever and a day to get around to testing out this kit,
no idea why truthfully as bag aside it is a lovely little kit that does save you a few coppers
compared to purchasing the products individually.
It seems August has not been MAC's month as not there is not much of a buzz on the ol'
t'internet about any of this month's offerings!

I'm shall speak no lies the bag that contains the products is butt ugly
but I've never appreciated abstract art, fine art is where it at baby!
For those intrested the graphic/print is by Julie Verhoeven.
Design aside the bag is a handy everyday size and as it is made of canvas once it becomes grubby
you can wash it, I shall gift mine to someone near and dear (Merry Christmas! I kid obviously).

The Illustrated collection offers three lip kits - nude, peach and pink
and although very much a lover of all things peach toned I knew that the pink kit
is the one I would get the most use from and thus more practical.
The pink kit contains a Cremesheen lipstick in Vivid Imagination ( a light cool pink),
a Dazzleglass lipgloss in Julia (Light Blue Pink) and a Cremestick lip liner in Pink Treat (Deep Cool Pink).
All of which are limited edition and exclusive to this kit.

Sadly my lip liner did come damaged as you can see in the photos,
truthfully this is more a delivery problem than a quality control issue.
In the UK MAC use Yodel which quite frankly are not the best but hey ho what can you do?
Honestly I do not rate the Dazzleglass formula in the slightest, it feels cheap and not
what I have come to expect from MAC but the shade is rather pretty and will look lovely layered
over any cool toned pink lip product.
Vivid Imagination is very similar to MAC Angel only slightly bluer in tone and a different finish.
Pink Treat is more of a mauve than pink but a great formula that applies with ease
and is not as drying as some liners I have tested.
All three lip products hold their own fairly well but do look best when layered/combined.

Essentially what I have been beating around the bush in stating that it is a nice enough
pink case but I could easily live without the bag and the Dazzleglass...which defeats the purpose really haha!

MAC Illustrated Lip Bag Pink £31 - link