My regular face wash of choice is Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash
but recently I have been suspecting that it may be the cause of my recent break out.
I don't mind the odd blemish as those are typical of my skin type but large under the skin
painful lumps normally indicate to me that something is upsetting my skin
and time for a change.

So I decided to trial Organic Surge Daily Care Facial Wash which I have read only glowing reports about.
It claims to cleanse, refresh and moisturise the skin using organic ingredients which are free of sodium,
lauryl/laureth sulphate or parabens which does mean it is not the most foaming of facial washes
but much kinder to the delicate skin on the face.

The main ingredients of Organic Surge Daily Care Facial Wash include organic Rose Geranium essential oil
coupled with Aloe Vera and natural glycerine. The result is that you have a fresh green type scent,
it does not smell like roses as Rose Geranium essential oil does have a slightly stronger and fresher
scent than that of a typical powder based musk scent.

The facial wash is fairly thick and as mentioned does not lather up in the same sense that a normal facial 
wash will as it is paraben free but after a few uses you do grow accustom to this,
truthfully I find this product to work best with wet hands rather than a flannel.
I use this in the morning while in the shower for a fresh yet floral wake-up call for my face,
it gently cleanses without stripping my skin and is moisturising but not so much that those like myself who
have oily skin need to worry about the added moisture factor.
I have also used this to remove make-up and it did a wonderful job leaving my skin squeaky clean
and the good news is that my break out seems to have all but disappeared!

A random finish but news worthy none the less!
Organic Surge have launched a limited edition hand wash which 100% of the proceeds will go
to a children's charity - The Archie Foundation which helps sick kids in the north of Scotland
again it is a natural and beautifully scented product and retails at £3.99.
You can find out more here - link.

Organic Surge Daily Care Facial Wash* 200ml/£5.19 - link