It has been some while since the last time I wore bright pink nail polish,
I seem to have been leaning towards milky pastel shades but today I needed something a little
more cheery and finally applied a polish that I have been meaning to swatch for some time now.

M&S Limited Collection Nail Polish in Neon Pink is a little disappointing
and that is only because it is not neon, if something claims to be neon it should be so bright
that after a while it hurts your eyes!
This on the other hand is a clean yellow based pink that is bright and very pretty
but in no way neon, I liken it a little to Mac's Impassioned Nail Lacquer.

M&S Limited Collection Nail Polish - Neon Pink is crème in formula
and does offer great coverage in two coats with a rather glossy finish.
It applied really easy without streaking, the brush is a good size and the polish dried fairly quickly too.

M&S Limited Collection Nail Polish* £3.50/8ml - link