Cooling mists have been featured everywhere you look this summer 
and I have had the great pleasure of putting a few to trial and so far so good!
Today I have another to share with you that is actually part of a collective (5 pieces) of face and body 
products which all share the same fruity yet fresh scent of L'Occitane's Sorbet Verbena.

"The Sorbet Verbena Fresh Mist is an alcohol-free formula that intensely refreshes the skin and maintains its hydration level, leaving behind a delicate perfume with summery notes of citrus and mint. Energize yourself with this mist, which contains an organic verbena extract from Corsica. 
Packaged in a convenient travel-sized bottle, this mist is perfect to keep with you throughout the day."

Unlike other cooling facial mists (you can also use this on your body and feet) this comes in a plastic 
natural spray bottle which I feel much happier about this as I have clumsily shattered a few glass bottles
in my cave like Mary Poppins bag!
Also with the plastic bottle once you have finished the product inside you can give a quick wash
and fill it with another facial mist (try creating your ow by watering down your regular facial toner).

The Sorbet Verbena scent is a blend of lemon, mint and organic verbena, 
it reminds me a little of Mojito's but a little more citrus based.
The fragrance is prefect for summer as you have the fresh, sharp lemon notes that uplift
and revitalise with the calming, fresh properties of mint. 
Out of all the cooling mists I have tested thus far this has to be the best in terms of scent.
The mist cools and hydrates but I do not recommend spritzing this over a full face of make-up
as it will disturb it and perhaps make certain products run but as a general cooling spray it is a joy to use.

This is limited edition so you will have to be quick!
Sorbet Verbena Fresh Mist* 50ml/£10- link