I will be the first to admit that I often neglect my feet, well unless it's summer and the flip flops are on
but with Autumn on the way and lots of boots to be worn I do plan on making more of an effort
so I don't scare small children and animals.

The Body Shop Body Scrub (mini shown) £12.50 (full size) via The Body Shop - link
The past few months while in the shower I have just been using a normal body scrub on my feet,
most foot products tend to contain mint ingredients or be mint scented and oddly it is one of the scents
I can not stomach. To slough of dry skin I have found The Body Shop's body scrubs to be rather
effective as they are pretty gritty and a little more hard working than your typical body scrub.
My favourite is the coconut one but they are all equally great!

Palm & Sole Soild Oil Moisturiser* £14/30G - link
I'm not terribly great at moisturising in general so once again my feet are very much an after thought
but for the past fortnight I have been slicking on a quick layer of Palm & Sole's Solid Oil Moisturiser
in Sparkling then popping on a pair of pure cotton socks to lock in the moisture for super soft tootsies.

MicroPedi * £39.99 via Boots  - link
Once a week I bust out my MicroPedi tool and use it to gently buff away in hard skin.
It is really quick, easy and gentle on the feet and so much more efficient than the likes of a traditional 
pumice stone or those manual foot graters - PedEgg.
From the first use you notice a difference and after years of dance my feet have seen better days
but this gently buffed them back to soft, supple normal feet no more nasty leathery hoofs for me!

Liz Earle's  Foot Spritizer* £7.75/75ml via Liz Earle - link
If I have had a long day I rely on a quick spray of Liz Earle's  Foot Spritizer to freshen
and revive the skin on my feet. I also find it to soften and calm tired feet and legs not to mention it
has a great relaxing scent - yes it contains mint but it leans more menthol.
If you work in an industry that results in you being on your feet all day this is a must have!

So there we have it a little run down on my current foot care.
I do apologise for those like myself who hate feet but look on the bright side I left out the photos
of my paws!