Monday, August 20, 2012

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in 32 Ambre D'Or - Review

Bourjois little round pots of blush are one of those products I find hard to pass up on,
it all started in Secondary School (High School if you aren't British) when I used to save up
my pocket money and then my wages when I got a little older and would splurge a little
in Superdrug. I see young girls doing the same thing at the weekend now and think lord
I hope you don't become as make-up obsessed as I have.
Anyway over the years I have tried many shades and if shimmer based blushes are your thing
then you must head in the direction of these little round pots!

Bourjois blushes have always (or as long as I can remember) came presented within small round
plastic pots that are coloured to match the shade include and feature a small brush and mirror.
As the product is baked I can't really say I have encountered any problems over the years
and deem both the packaging and blush fairly robust but I do find it very hard to recall what
shade I have tested over the years as the shades are all in French and as it's not my first language
the shade names don't tend to resonate within my memory.

For a while now I have been looking for shades that will see out the last few weeks of Summer
but be seasonably appropriate for the Autumn too, which is easier said than done!
When I stumbled across Ambre D'Or I felt like I had struck gold, it is a warm blend of 
pink, orange and brown with a brighten golden sheen that encapsulates the warmth of both seasons.
Applied and swatched this does lean slightly orange and is very warm in tone so certain skin tones
may struggle with this shade but it does pack enough pigmentation for most skin tones to be able to 
wear as a blush - deep shades may find it a little stark.

Unlike other baked blushes I do find the formula of the Bourjois blushes to be a little dry
but the pigmentation is there and picks up well on a brush, applies with ease and blends out
with minimal effort and works well with oily skin types in terms of lasting power.
Although a shimmer based product it does not highlight my enlarged pores
but I do feel I should point out that the blushes have a strong rose scent that some may dislike.
It terms of lasting power I find the Bourjois formula to wear for around 8-9 hours before
I notice a little fading.

Do you have any favourite Bourjois Blush shades?

Bourjois Little Round Pots of Blush cost £7.49/2.5g via Boots and Superdrug - link

A few have mentioned in the comments that over time these do seem to turn and become a little
more hard in texture, to resolve this some what I use a small chunk of (clean) sandpaper
and run it around the blush to shave off the top layer...wasteful yes
but at least that way you can continue using the product.

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  1. Love the look of this, I can't believe I've never tried any!xo

    1. Please as they have lots of wonderful shades that aren't too pricey :)

  2. I have a Bourjois blush in Rose Frisson but it dried out within a week even though I kept it shut and now I have to scrape it to get any colour out of it :/ I hope that doesn't happen to yours! This is a beautiful colour x

    1. Oh no :( it has happened to me in the past but not as quickly as that.
      It's normally after a good few months have passed, I use a clean chunk of sand paper and lightly shave off the top surface and they are fine...a waste none the less. I will have to add that to my review I totally forgot that element! Thank you lovely :)

  3. beautiful shade!

  4. I'm always worried that these blushes will be too glittery but this one looks lovely! xx

    1. I'm not going to lie some really are particularly the light shades but there is some gems to be had :)

  5. Wow this blush looks amazing! I always really like shimmered blushes!

    1. Me too even if they don't love me haha!

  6. I've always looked at these in Superdrug but passed by them as they're not really popular in the blogging world, are they? This one looks lovely though, I'll have to give them a swatch next time I'm in town :)

    Frances xx

    1. I think people just forget the exist which is such a shame but yes defo have a swatch and let me know if you find any that you love :)

  7. It looks so cute, I love blushes and I love Bourjois so thanks for sharing

  8. Thats so pretty. I hadnt used anything from Bourjois in a good few years but picked up Rose D'or a few months back. Its gorgeous too but the only thing I dont love is the scent.

    1. I agree the scent isn't the best but luckily with it being on your cheeks you quickly forget about that haha :)

  9. I've got Bourjois Tomette blush, but I like other mineral blushes most. These seem to me to become hard when some time passes without using it... I have to swirl a tissue all over to make it pigment again :(

    1. I've had the same problem with their bronzers I think it's because of their hard textures?

  10. These remind me of being a teenager,i lusted over Bourjois back then like i do MAC now! haha

  11. gah, that color would look SO good on my skin....wish we still sold bourjois stateside

  12. These blushes look so cute and inviting .. but like you mentioned I heard a lot of reviews about the product drying out I never tried ..The color looks really pretty ..

  13. My mum always buys these but i've never tried them, maybe i will have to borrow a bit of hers!!

    Sophierosehearts x

  14. this looks stunning!

  15. think i want to try some boujoris products!

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  16. I LOVE the blush and packaging!

  17. I love Bourjois products. Beautifull packaging and colors! These blush amazing I would choose this one or lilas dor also beautiful.:)


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