I'm sure you have seen things here and there about the FashionistA custom palettes  
which have a unique selling point unlike Mac and similar palettes is that all the refills in the range 
are the same size meaning you can mix and match between eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers!
Well FashionistA have added to their already vast selection of shades with lots of new hues
to chose from and today I have four of the newest bronzers in the range.

I don't want to concentrate too much on the actual palettes but they do come in two shades palettes are available in two colours Metallic Red and Glossy Black, they are really sturdy with a large mirror. 
When you flip the palette over to it's back you can easily see which shade is which without 
opening the palette due to the clear labelling on the back which is something that always irks me about
other palettes on the market!

Each product be in an eyeshadow or blush is presented within small black individual palettes which you can use as an individual shade or you can pop it out and slot it into the palette. 
When removing the shades to place them in a palette I recommend 'popping' them out over a soft surface such as a towel to prevent them landing on a hard surface and smashing!

FashionistA L.A Bronzer £4 

This is the only shade from my quad that is matte in formula.
It is soft to the touch and glides on the skin smoothly.
I find L.A to be a mid toned olive based tan bronzer which will work best on light-mid skin tones
and works equally well used to warm the skin or as a contour shade.

FashionistA Dubai Bronzer £4 

This is one of the baked bronzers in the colour range,
Dubai is a medley of warm copper brown and golden yellow swirls
which blend together to form a bright warm toned metallic copper which is a little too
bold for my personal taste as a cheek product but I do like it as an eyeshadow.
This shade is again soft to the touch and applies with ease but is perhaps more suited to
those who have a deeper skin tone that I.

FashionistA Rome Bronzer £4 

Again this is a baked formula and a medley of colours this time a dusky rose with
mauve veining that combined form a deep dusky brown based pink that
isn't all that dissimilar to Benefit's Dallas only this has a frost finish.
I had no problems with this in terms of application but did find it highlight my enlarged pores.

FashionistA Barcelona Bronzer £4

I don't really deem this to be a bronzer I see this more as a highlight shade
regardless of your skin tone.
This is another baked/marbled product this time it is two light golden bronzes that form the shade.
When applied this gives a bright champagne flush of colour and looks wonderful on the cheekbones
or as an eyeshadow - in my opinion it is quite similar in terms of effect to MAC's Soft and Gentle MSF.
Again I had no problems in application or wear with this product.

All of the bronzers retail for £4 each and the empty palettes are £5* - link (via Superdrug)
but if you pop in store to any Superdrug that stocks FashionistA they have a deal on where you
can fill any empty palette with 4 pans of your choice for £10!