When you have horrendous dark circles under your eyes like I do
an under the eye concealer is not one of those if I remember products (tell me I'm not the only person who has these kind of products...lip liner anyone?) but a daily necessity in my case.
With that in mind I have been putting the Famous (by Sue Moxley) Into the Shadows Light Reflecting Concealer to see how it fairs against my usual Mac concealer.

Like most concealers aimed at the under eye area this comes in a pen style applicator
which includes a synthetic fibre brush at the nib which makes application a breeze
and cancels out the need for a separate brush.
The product is dispensed by a winding mechanism which is located at the base of the pen,
my only advice would be to twist with caution as sometimes more product than you require
can escape and result in quite the mess but that aside the packaging is fresh, stylish
and perfectly transportable.

The Famous Into the Shadows Light Reflecting Concealer sadly only comes in one shade
which should suit most light to medium skin tones when used under the eyes
but it is far too light  for those with deeper skin tones.
I liken it to be around an NC20 if we use the MAC colour chart but it does pretty much blend
in with most Caucasian skin tones leaving behind a light coverage that has light reflective particles
that help disguise dark circles.

For me this is not my holy grail product and will not replace my usual MAC concealer
but I do have to admit that it does a wonderful job of illuminating the skin under the eyes
although it does lack somewhat in terms of coverage.
The formula is rich and creamy so it hydrates the skin and does not seem to settle into any natural
creases or fine lines under the eye nor does it cling to any dry patches of skin.
I tend to favour products that have multi purposes and although this is not one for concealing blemishes
it can be used as both an under eye product or a general highlighter.
In terms of wear I found it to last around 6 hours before most traces of product had disappeared
so not as long lasting as I would like but not out right terrible either!

Famous Into the Shadows Light Reflecting Concealer* £4.99 - link