Fellow Brits do you find it awkward typing colour as "color" to get the product title correctly?
I know I do and don't get me started on those who are not American/Canadian calling their Mum "Mom",
that has to be my ultimate bug bear in life...that and people who don't close doors behind them.
Did you happen to born in a park...no? Well shut the mother fudging door behind you! Argghhhh!
Angry rants aside let's concentrate on the issue at hand, my favourite lipstick of late.

Bobbi Brow is one of the brands that never fail to impress when it comes to packaging,
everything is always so well thought out and screams glamour which is what you want when you shell out
for a higher brand make-up item.
The Creamy Lip Color line remind me of the Rolls Royce of Lip Butter products
and the sleek glossy metal packaging is only the beginning!
Apart from being pleasing to the eye the glossy solid casing is robust and very easily wiped clean.

To the best of my knowledge there is 19 shades in the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color
and I settled on the Shade Nectar which is a blend of pink and brown with a yellow undertone that in some lights appears to be a dusky coral shade, due to the yellow leaning this should suit most.
Did I need another coral based shade? Truthfully no but this shade is my ideal Autumn shade, it has warmth and a slight coral hint yet is not as vibrant as the bright orange based corals we see each Summer season.
On the lips it translates to a light yellow based pink that is great for pairing with deep eye make-up
or simply use for a light day time look.
As I mentioned the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color's remind me of Revlon's Lip Butters
and this is the case again when it comes to colour pay off - it is pretty sheer and works with the
natural hue of your lips rather than masking it making it suitable for most.

The texture of the creamy lip color's is of course somewhat creamy and they do glide on with ease
providing a sheer wash of colour and a glossy sheen but due to the high dose of gloss they can feel
a tad sticky - not so much that it is unbearable but it is worth pointing out.
However the slightly tacky/sticky texture does have it's benefits which include longer wear time
than your typical lip butter - I can get up to four hours with each application and the fact you can skip
lip balm due to the high levels of moisture great for those who suffer from dry lips.
Also if like myself you don't really enjoy scented lip products you can silently rejoice as this is
scent and flavour free!

Suffice to say I rather enjoy the formula of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color's
and have a list of shades I'd like to try out with Honeyed Tea topping said list!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color in Nectar 3.8g/£18 via The House of Fraser - link