I thought my days of using Clearasil products would have been over as soon as I hit 18,
you see when I was a teenager I had mild acne and I truly believed that as soon as you turn 18
those days would be over and done...how wrong and naive was I?

However with the new additions to the Clearasil line I don't mind using them at all
as gone is the string astringent scent that used to make my eyes water just at the thought of
using it and in is a beautiful fresh and fruity scent that is so much more appealing!
Newly joining the Clearasil line up is the Vitamins and Extracts line which includes a scrub,
facial wipes and a 2-in-1 product which is a mask and facial wash in one.

I have been testing the scrub and the mask/wash product for a little while
and can confirm it is well worth investigating as my skin hasn't looked this good in quite a while.
Truthfully I have not been reaching for the facial scrub as I'm not really a daily exfoliater.
I find if I use a facial scrub frequently my skin just erupts and protests the idea
so I tend to only scrub my face around once a week which seems to work well for my skin type.
I have however been using the scrub product on my body and have found it to work well
with the blemishes on my back helping reduce the redness and size of many.

The 2-in-1 mask and facial wash really is the star of this new line,
it is a thick yet creamy green lotion that does not foam yet melts off any make-up and grime
without irritating my skin all the while cleansing deep down.
It is the perfect formula for all skin types as it is not overly hydrating nor is it drying in any way.
If like myself you are a regular user of foaming facial products then this can take a little while to get
used to as a facial wash but I found gently splashing my face with warm water then using my palms 
smooth this all over my face (avoiding the eye area) and then wiping off with a soft flannel or muslin cloth
to be the most effective way to use this product as a facial wash.

As a mask this is rather similar to a typical clay/mud mask in that it as it dries
it tightens on the skin and if you are not careful it can flake off a little.
When used as a mask it provides a deep cleanse and I have noticed a vast improvement
within the size and appearance of my enlarged pores - they look smaller and less prominent
which is a complete and utter added bonus.
I have also noticed that since trialing the new Clearasil products I have gained no new facial friends
and the blemishes I had to begin with disappeared pretty speedily too.

It's not often I gush about a skincare product but I do feel everyone and I mean everyone,
should try the 2-in-1 mask and facial wash as it truly is a fantastic product
and one I can see myself repurchasing over and over!

The Clearasil Vitamins and Extracts* range begins at £3.49 and is available from most UK
supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug - link