To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games coming to the UK Sleek Make-Up has recently launched a small collection which includes an 12 pan eyeshadow palette (review here) a pout polish and a blush.
All three items are limited edition and are part of the "2012 Limited Edition Collection" which has been affectionately dubbed the Olympic collection on the internet!

Being a huge fan of Sleek Make-up I sneakily ordered the collection before it hit the stores,
first up I would like to share the pout polish which is essentially a tinted lip balm/potted gloss product
which has been named Pride.

Pride is a funny shade to describe it is a metallic almost burgundy shade that is fairly deep in tone,
I can detect slight glimmers of gold, purple and brown which all add to the shades complexity.
Surprisingly I find the shade to be really flattering and a great lip colour for those with mid-deep skin tones
but I can imagine it to be a little too deep for fairer skin tones.
All that considered I don't really deem it to be seasonally appropriate and I will probably wait until at least
fall before adding this to my make-up routine.

The balm is moisturising and comfortable to wear,
it feels light and non greasy, with a light vanilla scent that is not detectable once worn.
I should point out that this lip balm does not heal nor claim to have any medicinal values,
however it does have an SPF 15 so perfect for the summer!
As with all SleekMakeUp Pout Polishes it is contained in a round plastic container
which admittedly is not everyone's choice due to hygiene issues 
but if that does bother you, you can always use a lip brush?
In terms of wear I find Pout Polishes to wear for around an hour and an half
but I never have much luck when it comes to balms, the fade fast on my lips!

What are your thoughts on this collection?

Product Summary

Round Up - A metallic burgundy tinted lip balm, that moisturises but does not heal the lips.
Best For - Providing a light coral glossy lip colour.
Pigmentation - (5/10) Surprisingly pigmented for a lip balm.
Availability - SleekMakeUp - link and selected Superdrug stores £4.30/10g