To celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games coming to the UK Sleek Make-Up has recently launched a small collection which includes an 12 pan eyeshadow palette (review here) a pout polish and a blush.
All three items are limited edition and are part of the "2012 Limited Edition Collection" which has been affectionately dubbed the Olympic collection on the internet!

Honour is a deep rose gold that had most assuming it would be similar to Sleek Make-Up's Rose Gold blush but it not at all like that due to the intensiveness of the shade and the deep brown bronze leaning Honour has.
I find it to be most similar to Sleek's Muscovado shade which appears in the Sugar trio.
Truthfully I find Honour to be really well pigmented but not a shade that I deem suitable for my skin tone,
if you have a deep skin tone I think this shade would work really well but on light-medium tones even with a 
light hand it is overwhelming and can look muddy.

Sleek Make-Up blushes are soft but not overly so,
they apply with ease but don't break/shatter if like myself you are a little heavy handed.
I found the formula to be easy to apply and blend out with a normal angled blush brush,
there was next to no fall out and as mentioned the shimmer shade has a subtle effect 
- no glitter or gritty finish/feel.
In terms of wear this wore just as any other Sleek MakeUp facial product
and survived a good six hours on un-primed oily skin but when used with primer it lasted a full nine hours.
I rate Sleek Male-Up Blushes quite highly and find them to be one of the best formulas on the high st

Product Summary
Round Up - Three bronze type blush shades in one handy palette.
Best For - In my opinion I have found this trio better suited to those with deeper skin tones.
Pigmentation - Hard to rate as the matte formula is less pigmented than the shimmer one.
Availability - Limited Edition, available from Sleek Make-Up's web store - link  and selected Superdrug stores.