Orly Beach Cruiser was the most diffiicult shade to obtain from the Feel the Vibe Collection,
as I mentioned in the earlier post finding the mini quad set was neigh impossible
well finding Beach Cruiser in any size within the UK was quite a task, so much so that I gave up
and imported it from the US...I highly recommend doing this for Orly/China Galze and Essie polishes
as they can be found on eBay for pretty much next to nothing!

Beach Cruiser by Orly is a stunning bright neon pink that does have a slight blue tone
but believe me when I say it is truly beautiful and a shade that everyone can not help but comment on
when you are wearing sporting it!
I like to think of it as Malibu Barbie Pink?

Unlike some neon polishes this does not settle to a matte finish but has a truly glossy effect
that allows you to skip a top coat if you should feel inclined.
Orly polishes are one of my favourite formulas as they apply well, dry quickly and have some of the best
shades particularly if you are in the market for a bright shade!
Beach Cruiser was opaque in two coats and did not streak or have any application issues.

Have you bought any shades from the Feel the Vibe collection?
Orly Beach Cruiser Nail Lacquer 15ml/£6.39 (via eBay) - link

Nail Polish Disclaimer - I no longer comment on the wear time as we all apply polishes differently (top/base coats etc) and as I change my polish almost daily sometimes several times a day due to swatching purposes I do not feel that I can fairly comment on wear time.