As you may know by now I truly enjoy scenting my home with candles
and for a touch of luxury and quality there is no better brand than NEOM which are created using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot, better for the environment and your lungs!

However not only do NEOM candles scent the home with a beautiful powerful scent
but each scent is blended to work as a holistic treatment so you do have to burn them for 2-4 hours
for the best results - Invigorate aims to uplift and promote positivity.
However Bergamot's is a natural antiseptic and contains healing properties,
blended with mood-boosting Grapefruit which shall hopefully help with confidence.

There is no mistaking that NEOM candles ooze understated glamour and will look chic in any room
be it on a table in the lounge, on your bedroom dresser or perhaps in the bathroom?
Invigorate is the perfect scent to uplift and whisk away the Summer blues,
the fragrance is zesty without being overpowering or sickly,
personally I find the lime and grapefruit notes to be the most prominent.

Have your tried a NEOM candle?

NEOM Luxury Organics Invigorate Home Candle 300G/£39.50* - link