I apologise in advance, this was meant to publish last Sunday but Blogger has been a little temperamental
and it seems that this has not published, rather than leave it lingering in purgatory forever I thought I'd hit
publish, however I do promise that this is the end of holiday/vacation themed posts.
Oh yes while we are apologising the photographs in this post may or may not have been taken using my iPhone and may feature a blindingly bright hotel sheet...you have been warned.

Anyway on to the post...

While in Palma I took with me all brand spanking new toiletries and I can proudly say that I completed quite a selection, okay I had a little help from my sister but empties are empties!
For each item I will do a brief overview and state whither or not i'd repurchase.


Essence My Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes - I will hold my hands up and say that when presented with
a gleaming stand and numerous shelves of Essence products I went a little crazy and snapped up
almost one of everything. I'm a little odd and simply must have wet wipes of some sort in my possession
at all times and after a rushed day at the beach these were purchased to freshen up before settling down for
lunch. Truthfully I'm not a huge fan of face wipes but these did live up the refreshing claim and more
than did the job for giving your face, hands and feet  a quick swipe when leaving the beach etc.
I would repurchase these should Essence ever set up shop in main land UK!

Asda Facial Sun Cream - I'm not going to say a whole lot about this baby as I feel I never shut up about it
but what I will say is that if you need a good facial sun lotion hit up Asda! This is a staple in my make-up 
bag and definitely a repurchase...over and over again!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - Another product I feel you must be sick to the back teeth of me mentioning but I swear this has to be the best eye cream I have ever used and I know that is no small statement. I actually got this free with Glamour Magazine (I have since snapped up another two issues)
and have not looked back, it is every bit as amazing as it claims to be and I will buy the full size as soon
as my samples finish...try it you will not be disappointed!

L'Occitaine Angelica Facial Moisturiser - I love how refreshing and hydrating this moisturiser is.
The scent is also great - light and slightly floral yet fresh! A little of this moisturiser goes a long way
and as it is light yet hydrating it doesn't clog up my oily skin. A wonderful product that I now own in full size.


Original Source Lime Shower Gel - I have a soft spot for Original Source shower gels as they are
bursting with authentic fruit smells, budget friendly, lather up a dream and cleanse effectively too!
I will also level that I used this as bubble bath on occasion while staying at the hotel hence why a sizeable
bottle of shower gel has been completely finished within a week! Will I repurchase? You bet!

Dove Original Deodorant - Who goes on holiday and forgets to pack a deodorant? This guy that's who!
So yes this was a last minute purchase from good ol' Spar while away and I have used this on occasion in the past and have to admit that I don't feel Dove deodorants are quite on par with the other brand leaders. I find them to apply very powdery...perhaps I have odd pits who knows? Yet I have to be honest and say at a push I'm sure this will fragrance my B.O on occasion haha!

Vivo Nail Polish Remover - Another oops I forgot to pack moment...can you sense a theme? Yes I'm not all that organised! I could swear I have used Vivo nail polish remover before while in the UK? Perhaps I'm imagining things, either way it's crap and I may as well thrown my two Euros in the sea as it would have been
as much use as this was! I will never buy this again...not even on day four when my nails look like
they belong to Avril "I'm nearly 30 but still an angry emo" Lavine.


V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner - If you have dry and/or damaged hair as far as high street hair care goes I can not recommend this enough, I truly do notice positive results from the first wash.
However I can only use both products for a short while otherwise I find my hair becomes lank and weighed down but for a £1 a bottle it is a great temporary solution for dry/coarse/damaged hair.

Mini Head and Shoulders Shampoo - After a quick dip in the pool this is what I use to remove the chlorine,for some reason I find it works better than shampoos targeted for such purposes. Much like the above shampoo and conditioner I only ever use this occasionally as I find it a little harsh.

Have you used up anything recently?