I apologise for the quality of my Iphone photos but there was no way I was taking my super heavy and bulky DSLR camera on holiday with me but hey sometimes it's nice to have some photos that aren't 
quite the typical white background...a little more real if you will?

Anyway I didn't take much away with me for the week and pretty much went back to basics
and I also aimed for travel/sample sizes where possible to save space in my case for new goodies ;)
I'm pleased to say that the combination of products and the sunshine has completely cleared up my skin,
so much so that I haven't wore a scrap of make-up in the last four days!

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - I forgot how great this little cleanser is until this week but after five days of crystal clear skin this has prompted me to purchase the full size version and hopefully continue with a blemish free complexion which is doubtful due to the gloomy weather that has greeted me back in the UK!

L'Occitaine Angelica Daily Moisturiser - This tiny pot was only half full when I took it with me and yet it survived a full week of morning and evening applications, a little goes a long, long way!
L'Occitaine Angelica Daily Moisturiser is light yet hydrating without being heavy or leaving behind a tacky sensation on the skin. It also has a light floral scent and is very cooling in warmer climates, another product that will be purchased in full size!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - I forgot to pack my usual eye cream (The Body Shop - Vitamin E)
and noticed that this was free with a glossy magazine while in the airport so I picked it up, really not expecting much but this is astounding...truly astounding! After a few nights of limited sleep, a bug bite under one eye and a few patches of dry skin it was safe to say the under eye area of my skin had seen better days
yet after a few applications of this eye cream all such problems vanished!
It hydrates, soothes and to some degree it heals (not that the product claims to do this), if you can pick up this eye cream. I know I will be looking for a few more Glamour magazines while out shopping this week!

ASDA Facial Sun Cream SPF 30 - This is my to go to facial sunscreen, I use it daily not just abroad but at home too! It costs less than £5 and one tube lasts me around two months and that is with daily use.
Unlike typical sunscreen products this does not leave behind any residue or leave the skin looking/feeling greasy, make-up also fairs really well on top of this cream too! If you live near an ASDA store it is one to check out!

IDC Institute Coconut Lip Balm - I purely bought this lip balm out of curiosity and expected it to be petroleum jelly scented with a coconut type scent but was pleasantly surprised to find that it healed my chapped lips pretty much over night, in my opinion it is quite like Carmex only it is in stick form and has a
light coconut scent. A great bargain buy at two euros!

What skin care items are your must haves from fun in the sun?