I haven't done too terribly in the empty stakes but as with everything there is room for improvement!
I do think this may be my first month in that I would repurchase everything that I have completed
without any hesitation!
So rather than say if I would repurchase as you already know the answer I will simply give you 
a quick run down of each product and why I enjoy using it!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range
As you can see the bright pink bottles and containers dominate my empties this month
and without saying too much before I post my hair growth update...I LOVE THIS COLLECTION!
Truthfully the stand out product is the hair treatment which I have now went through two whole tubs
and on to my third in the space of a month! I have yet to measure my hair growth but I can see
results and my roots look worse than ever...a good sign in this case haha!
Oh and I have finally figured out what the scent of this product line reminds me of a cross between
Gucci Rush perfume and Ghost perfume.

Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner
It is my personal mission to grow my hair but not only to grow it but to ensure that my hair is in tip top
condition! This is technically a treatment type product that should only be used occasionally
but if you have coarse, thick or particularly damaged hair then I find this to be a great every wash kind of conditioner. My hair is crazy thick and I do find regular conditioners to be a little weak and not intense enough to properly hydrate and repair my hair so I rely on this.
It doesn't weigh down my hair but conditions deeply, I recommend this to all even if you only use it
as a weekly treat!

Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft Shampoo
I always seem to end up with a Herbal Essences product or two in my shower and i'm not fully sure
why as I don't truly deem the range to be outstanding with the exception of one product which I will share at a later date! That being said it is a good enough shampoo that does leave my hair soft and smooth much like it claims. However I can not use it regularly as I feel it leaves a coating/product build up behind.
Undoubtedly I will repurchase this at some point!

Avita Propoline Conditioner
Avita products are amazing, if you have yet to try some out I truly envy you!
This is a light citrus scented conditioner that conditions without being heavy and does leave the hair
with a beautiful sweet scent. A great brand that I must restock my bathroom with asap!

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash
You must be sick to the back teeth of my constant chatter about this product
but the truth is that it works wonderfully well with my skin type, it removes make-up, dirt
and grime with ease and it seems to keep my blemish prone skin reasonably clear.
Not bad at all for a £3 cleanser!

The Bodyshop Coconut Shower Gel
In my shower you will find an entire slew of half used mini products that I am determined to finish
before purchasing any full sized body washes! As many will be aware I love The Body Shop
and the coconut scent is my favourite, I have owned this in full size on many occasion
and will again. If you love sweet coconut based scents then The Body Shop should be your next pit stop!

Have you completed many products for the month of July?