Launching on the 21st of July is LUSH's first proper foray into the cosmetic world
and it is not a collection to be missed with a range of 30 shade spread across three catagories -
liquid lipstick, cream eyeshadow and liquid eye liners.
As most will be aware LUSH is strongly opposed to animal testing and all products within
the cosmetic line are vegan friendly too!

Now here is the novel idea behind the collection it uses colour and key words to be describe how we are currently feeling!

"Spin the Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel to get a personalized color reading – choose the three colors that stand out the most and they will uncover certain words that reveal a little bit about your current state of mind. Then wear the color to feel the word, you word-up!

Introducing a brand new concept matching psychological needs to which color cosmetics one should wear.
This range – consisting of lip colours, eyeliners and eyeshadows – is less about wearing make-up that’s in-season or on-trend and more about wearing colors that shape your mood. Emotional Brilliance is a way to wear color that’s designed for you. Choose colours, each with a corresponding word such as Confident, Take Control or Glamorous, and they will be significant to your needs at that time – wear those colours and you truly wear the word. It’s the power of suggestion – if one believes enough in something, there will likely be a change in behaviour."

As expected the packaging of the Liquid Eyeliner's both cute and quirky but with a retro twist thanks to the sweet yet old school labelling system. The packaging of the the entire range has a slight art vibe - when I first saw it I was instantly transported back to my Art student days and all the bright bottles of ink I used to purchase. The lid gives the impression of a dropper style applicator inside but in the case of the Liquid Eyeliner
it is actually a small but perfectly formed fine brush that allows you to create both thick and fine lines with ease.The brush works really well with the product the only niggle is that the dropper style handle is a little
fiddly and heavy for drawing perfect lines and flicks on the eye area.

Fantasy "You're Allowed" is a bright gold that has the right amount of warmth in the tone
to allow it to be flattering on a vast variety of skin tones.
In my opinion Fantasy does have a slight olive green leaning/reflection it makes it a little more
dimensional and less flat than your standard gold liquid liners.
Fantasy appears to be a typical metallic liquid finish, you can only notice the minuscule shimmer particles
when you truly blend out the shade and not many of us do that with this kind of product.

Much like the liquid lipsticks in the Emotional Brilliance range the formula of the Liquid Liners
is really well formulated, the liners have a great consistency not to thick yet not too thin,
they apply well and dry fairly quickly. When dry it settles to a high metallic finish with a slight sheen finish,
that is comfortable to wear, did not irritate my sensitive eyes nor did it flake or smear.
In terms of wear this lasted over 9 hours on my oily lids (with a primer) and only budged when I
removed it by hand...pretty impressive!

Is this something that you can see yourself purchasing?

Lush Emotional Brilliance Eyeliners launch on the 21st July £14.50/5G*