This really is a now or never type of post for me as I although my hair is fairly blonde at the moment
come the weekend I will be back to a fully fledged brunette!

Anyway the Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray is a citrus infused heat hair lightening product -
basically you spritz it into damp hair and using heat such as a hair dryer and dry the hair.
You can also use it like I did, damp hair and using the sun as the heat source to activate the ingredients
but obviously you do need sun to do this so the UK is far from ideal for that process.
It does not work immediately you do have to apply it a good few times to see any colour difference,
it took six applications spaced out every third day to achieve the lightness I required.

You can use this is four various ways - lighten all over, to do this you spray the product all over the hair
and comb through for even results. You can also you it to target specific areas such as the roots and
to achieve highlights - to do this you spray on the desired areas and avoid the rest of the hair.
It is also possible to Ombre the hair with this spray by using the same method as you would to target the roots only you apply it to ends of the hair!
With four application methods you could potentially save yourself a trip to the hairdresser?

I tested it on the underneath of my hair which didn't have as many highlights and was much deeper in shade
than the rest of my hair to see just how impressive the results would be.
After six applications - three using the hair dryer to develop the colour and the last three using the sun,
my hair turned a light golden blonde that does have a slight orange tinge but I would imagine that should
I apply a little toner or another application of Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray my hair would loose
such tone but as I'm going back to my dark roots it would be a little fruitless on my part.
None the less I'm sure you would agree that the results are still pretty impressive given that it is
a gradual product and that my hair was fairly dark to start with.

Truthfully the mix of this spray and the sun has dried that section of my hair out a little
so do be sure to have a good deep conditioner to hand if you plan on purchasing the lightening spray.
I do feel that this spray would be great for blondes and perhaps light brunettes anything deeper
and you run the risk of achieving a brassy or red toned effect.

Have you tried this or do you want to?

Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray £7.99/100ml *is available from Boots - link