What is the first thing most of us do after a long day?
Yup remove our make-up and like most in the past I relied on muslin cloths but gee whizz are they 
difficult to retain sparkling white even after a boil wash, there is something unappealing about cleansing
with a stained cloth isn't there?
Well I have a cheap and wonderful alternative to muslin cloths, let me introduce you to Washi! Hot Cloths.

Washi! Hot Cloths are slightly thicker and fluffier than a standard muslin cloth so they retain heat well
making them the perfect partner to all cleansing routines regardless of wither you use a hot cleanser or not
as the cloths have a slight polishing quality they gently buff and revitalise the skin.
Oh and they wash well...no foundation or mascara stains!
The Washi! Hot Cloths should only be used wet and with warm water.

Another must have is the Washi! Skin Polishing Towel which is a brilliant and product free exfoliant,
you simply grab a section of the dry cloth and using on wet skin you gentle buff away any dead and dry skin.
Recommend use is that you only use this on your face and neck but I have used it on the dry patches on 
my arms and have to say that it works wonderfully well there too!
Oh and on a slightly rank note this will remove any self tanner mistakes but you didn't hear that from me ;)

The Washi! Skin Polish Kit consists of four hot cloths and a Washi! Skin Polishing Towel all for the bargain
price of £5.95 but it is on offer at the moment for £4.95 - link.

P.s Each item comes beautifully packaged it honestly feels like you are receiving a gift!