Before I begin the review I want to quickly state that these are not yet available in the UK
and to the best of my knowledge won't be hitting the shelves until July but I will update this post
should a date be announced any time soon, they retail around the $9 mark in the US/Canada
so I imagine they will more than likely be around £7 here or on par with the Revlon Lip Butters?
Also the two I have are not PR samples but ones that I imported in to the UK,  I have linked the seller
at the end of the post, which I have used good few times and had no problems.

I do like Revlon but feel the packaging and concept is a little too close to the bone to the original
product of this type - Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips.
The packaging is almost identical the only thing that really separates the two is the size of the pencils
and the fact that Revlon have given their product a colour co-ordinated lid rather than a chrome one.
I'm not complaining as I do think the Clinique packaging is great and enjoy having a lip pencil type of
product that you do not have to sharpen (Revlon has the same mechanism) but yeah all in all a little 
too close to home in style if you ask me - not that anybody did haha!
However I should mention that Tarte also do a product that is similar so perhaps this is the way forward?
and I would bet that by the end of the year more brands will roll out similar styled lip products.

Rather than doing my usual and snapping up every shade in the line I bought two shades,
there is 12 shades to the best of my knowledge so a good variety of shades which is always welcomed - variety is the spice of life after all.
The first one I'm going to share is a bright pink called Sweetheart or Valentine in some regions.
As mentioned it is a bright candy pink that has a blue undertone making it lean slightly cool
but not so much that it should be off putting for any particular skin tone.
It reminds me a little of Mac's Impassioned albeit a little sheerer in the coverage stakes,
as it is a stain rather than a full opaque lip product this will work with your natural lip shade
and present a colour that is best suited to you.

The Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains are marketed as a hybrid product - a combination of a lip stain and lip balm and I have to agree they stain the lips with a lovely light wash of colour but are not at all drying 
due to the lip balm element which is a welcome addition as in the past I have found lip stains to be drying.
If you like lip stains then I do feel you should give these a whirl as they do stain the lips wonderfully
with a glossy sheen so you get all the colour without any of the mess a traditional liquid stain presents
they also allow you to apply with precision thanks to the nib of the pencil so to speak.
The pigmentation of Sweetheart is quite impressive it applied a great dose of colour in one even swipe
and did not bleed or feather throughout the day, the glossy finish wore off around the two hour mark
but the staining quality for this shade lasted at least 8 hours which is pretty impressive.
The scent is the most unappealing aspect on this product it smells some what like mint
but not as fresh if that makes sense...I deem it to be almost mouldy in scent haha!

I have purposely not compared the formula of the Clinique Chubby Sticks 
and the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain as I will have a full post on how the compare to one
and other at a later date.

Product Summary
Round Up - A good mix of balm and lip staining qualities in one small product.
Best For - A long wearing lip tint.
Pigmentation - (8/10) Fairly well pigmented.
Availability  - Not yet in the UK but I bought mine via this eBay seller - link