Another day, another candle!
I will hold both hands up in the air and say that I am a complete candle addict
and find my tastes in scent vary from day to day, at the moment I'm enjoying light airy scents
but that's not to say tomorrow I will not decide to burn something strong and heedy.
Anyway before I ramble on any more let me share my recent addition...

Let me introduce you to Millefiori candles which are made in Italy and feature natural fragrances
which are hand poured also each candle has a lead free wick!
The scent I have been burning is Vanilla Flower which combines the simpleness of vanilla
with hints of peach which brighten the vanilla notes without overpowering the base scent.
Much like the beautiful packaging the key to this scent is the simplistic approach 
that is why I enjoy it, sometimes complicated scents are overly fussy and a talking point for the wrong reasons.

I'm terrible for leaving candles burning for hours particularly my cheap Ikea ones
but you really should follow the guide lines and only burn for a maximum of three hours
to save your candle from tunnelling and resulting in a wasted candle.
This particular candle is very scented so three hours is more than enough to sent your entire house.

The Millefiori Vanilla Flower Candle costs  £16/200g and is available from - link