Thursday, June 21, 2012

No7 Nourishing Lip Shine in Pink - Review

A few weeks ago No7 launched their summer collection which seems a little more suited
to the chilly months of winter rather than a summer collective but hey ho!
The one item that has been causing a stir amongst beauty addicts is the No7 Nourishing Lip Shines
which come in two shade options peach and pink.
I settled for the latter as I have more peachy toned lip products than should be legal.

The lip shines come packaged in squeeze style tubes with a slanted soft foam nozzle which is wonderful once
you get it to work but to kick start it you do have to squeeze rather firmly as the contents are incredibly 
thick and that resulted in some product leaking from the spout which was rather messy!
That aside the slated nozzle spreads the lip shine well and evenly over the lips with minimum fuss.

As mentioned I went for the pink option which is plainly dubbed "Pink",
Pink is a light candy toned rose shade that has a slight yellow undertone
but as it is a essentially a sheer tinted lip balm I wouldn't worry too much about undertones
as the lip shines work with your natural lip shade rather than coating them with full opaque coverage.

No7 state that these are three in one products as they moisturise, tint and nourish the lips.
I agree that they hydrate and add a light wash of colour to the lips but I didn't really find them to be nourishing.The formula as mentioned previously is extremely thick so I do suggest applying a thin veil otherwise the texture can be rather uncomfortable due to it being heavy and quite sticky.
No7 Lip Shines have a light sheen finish but feel more like a thick balm rather than a gloss
so they do last a little longer on the lips than a typical glossy product at around two hours.

The No7 Lip Shines have been drawing comparisons to Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors
and I can see why, the packaging is almost identical with similar shade options.
The formula is also quite similar only I find the Clarins alternatives to be less thick and slightly more comfortable to wear also the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors have a slight shimmer finish
which the No7 counterparts do not! 
However the No7 option retails at £10.50 or £5.50 with a No7 voucher and the Clarins product costs £16!

Product Summary
Round Up - A thick tinted glossy lip balm.
Best For - A hydrating hint of a tint.
Pigmentation - (3/10) Please keep in mind that it is a tinted lip balm.
Availability - Limited edition, exclusive to Boots stores and Boots online store - link  £10.50/9ml

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  1. I love that these don't have shimmer, i was tempted by the Clarins version but i actually think i'd prefer this! Great post :)x

  2. Very nice tone, I wish I could use no 7 in Spain, but we don´t have it in here! thanks for sharing!

  3. This reminds me of the clarins gloss that they have. No.7 always does great products but this one just seems to be a thumbs down for me. Although the colour looks really pretty and usually what i go for in a lipgloss, it is too thick and heavy and i prefer a gloss which is a bit more lightweight :) In addition, i really dislike the sponge type applicator because alot of bacteria can be generated on it which is a bit ewwy. Thanks for the reviews, i always love reading your in-depth opinions of products :)

  4. This looks like a delicious colour, I'm not so fust on the applicator though, its the same as elf's moisture lip shines and I just prefer a brush rather than a sponge. I do love it when the £5 vouchers come out!
    Jess xo

  5. I know what to spend my boots voucher on now thanks x

  6. I'm not hugely keen on this type of applicator, it does look gorgeous apart from this! No.7 have had some great lip products lately.

  7. Ooo I love the swatch, it looks really nice on you! :) xx

  8. I wanted to try the Peach option but they seem to be sold out everywhere :/ Great post x

  9. Eek this look so cuute I really want the orangey coral one!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  10. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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