Throughout the course of the year my skin tone varies in tone which results in some bronzers
being too light or too dark depending on the season and I'm sure I'm not alone with such problem.
Of course you could purchase multiple products to see you through each season
or you could save some cash and pick up one of Clarins Bronzing Duo's that allow you to blend
two mineral based bronzers to suit your needs and skin tones.

Being a Clarins product the Bronzing Duo's are beautifully presented complete with a velveteen pouch to store it inside a lovely little extra touch, the compact also features a large mirror inside.
As mentioned you get two separate shades presented in large blocks that are sizeable enough to use alone
with ease or of course blend together to form a shade custom for your skin tone.

Although I have the deep shade option it is not all that dark and perfect for most medium skin tones,
the deepest shade in the duo is a wonderful contouring shade for those with medium to medium dark skin tones and I found the lighter shade to be a great general pressed powder.
Both shades are matte in formula and contains 100% natural mineral sunscreen that protects against
UV damage, pollution and free radicals not to mention that the mineral pigments give a soft focused
effect to skin minimising any fine lines and imperfections all the while brightening the skin.

In my experience I found both shades to be well pigmented, blend together seamlessly 
but also lend themselves to being layered up to form a deeper tone without turning chalky or caking on the skin.Both segments of the bronzer are very firm to the touch but pick up well on the brush with minimal product fall out and feel weightless on the skin, great for the warm weather when even the lightest make-up
products can feel a little uncomfortable on the skin.

Also I found the Clarins Bronzing Duo to work similar to a typical pressed powder, setting my make-up
and keeping shine at bay for most of the day.
In terms of wear, on my oily skin it lasted around eight hours away before signs of wear began to show.

The Clarins Bronzing Duo is available in three shade options - light, medium and dark
and retails for £26/10g you can pick this up via Clarins web store and at Clarins counters - link.