Friday, June 22, 2012

My Face Cosmetics Slinky Liquid Liners - Review

When it comes to eye make-up I like to keep my look clean and simple
and that more often than not involves a slick of eye liner and lashings of mascara.
I have to be truthful and say I'm not all that adventurous and tend to stick to black liners
but a little pop of colour can instantly brighten up the eye and it is the easiest way to sport bold colour.

If coloured liquid liners are you thing you really must check out My Face Cosmetics
as they have one of the most comprehensive shade selections I have ever seen with 15 shades available 
in various formulas such as matte and metallic, today I have three shades to share!

Each liner is presented in little wells with a long handled brush which is essentially the lid,
they are compact yet large enough in size to hold a sizeable amount of product with a well designed brush.
As mentioned the brush handle is fairly long so it rests comfortably in your hand allowing optimum control
and the actual brush is the perfect size to apply fine, precise lines.
The white packaging reminds me a little in terms of style to that of Topshop.

As mentioned I have three shades to share:

Limelight - This is a metallic bright olive green that has a strong golden tone, the metallic formula works well with the shade as it prevents it from being flat. This shade is extremely pigmented and will pop with a tan.
It applied with ease and is one of the thicker formulas of the trio.

Purple Haze - Again this is a metallic formula and as the name suggests it is a purple shade. A flat one dimensional shade this is not, in some lights this reflects a deep plum shade and in others it is almost magenta pink. Much like Limelight this is well pigmented but not as thickly formulated, that being said it applied with
ease and did not run despite it's thinner texture.

Paint it Black - This of course is the black liner option and black it is, the pigment was strong and resulted in a true black, no blue or grey undertones which I really appreciate. Unlike the other two shades this is matte in formula and the thinnest in texture, out of the three shades this was the trickiest to apply as it does run ever so slightly.

It is difficult to comment on the formula in general as each shade performed differently but I do feel that
the metallic options are slighter better formulated as they have a slighter thicker formula where as the matte
shade was slightly thinner and did bleed slightly.

A little comment on the drying down time would be that all three shades do require a little patience as they
are not the quickest drying liquid liners I have experienced but once settled they wear exceptionally well
lasting for around 10 hours without smudging, flaking or fading in appearance and are pretty much faultless in that aspect.

Product Summary 
Round Up - A great line of 15 liquid liners that wear exceptionally well.
Best For - Liquid liner fans that want their liner to stay put all day.
Pigmentation - (9/10) The three shades that I tested had no pigmentation problems what so ever.
Availability - Selected Boots stores and via My Face Cosmetic store - link  £10.99/2.5ml

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  1. I usually stick to black eyeliner too, maybe sometimes brown. But you're right coloured eyeliners would open the eye, I might give them a go :) xx

  2. that black looks so intense and gorgeous! i need a new navy blue liquid liner, i'm on the hunt for that


  3. that black looks amazing! so pigmented!

  4. i thought myface cosmetics had ceased to exist because the boots in sachihall street in glasgow was having a massive clearance on all their stuff, glad to see theyre still with us :)

  5. Oooh, those are pretty! I want 'em!

  6. Realy pigmented products, and the container looks bigger than most liquid liners I've used and come across before, these are defo on the wish list!


  7. Wow these look so pigmented, might have to give these a whirl sometime soon!

  8. The green looks really interesting! The purple I think would be the "safest' of the two colors and it's a shame that black is so runny because it's SO SO black.

  9. I don't think I could pay the £10.99 price tag.


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