I recently received an email from a lovely reader called Kerrie asking me to share
my skin care routine - what I use and why and as it has been a while since I've done anything 
in this vain I thought why not!

Most Mornings
In the morning most days I quickly jump in the shower and wash my face using a muslin flannel
and a quick squirt of Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, I have tried various
facial washes but this one seems to work best with my skin type.
It cleanses deeply, doesn't dry out my skin and helps keep the blemishes at bay - what more do you need?
I did used to swear by Boots Botanics Pore range but I can not find this in store for love nor money,
on-line it says currently out of stock which leads me to believe it may have been discontinued?
(Update - in the comment section it has been mentioned that the Botanics range has been re-branded
 also a few have mentioned that my fears may be in fact real...the pore range has been scrapped!)

I don't apply moisturiser in the morning instead I find I get enough moisture from my sunscreen,
daily I slap on the factor 30, my sunscreen of choice is a cheapy from Asda.
It's non greasy, offers sun protection (both UVA and UVB and leaves a non sticky matte base to apply make-up on top off! If you are looking for a good facial sunscreen I do highly recommend giving this a whirl.

Twice a Week - Mornings Continued
I know some like to use a facial scrub daily but this system does not work for me,
I found that exfoliating was encouraging my skin to produce more oil and in return producing more blemishes
and this was regardless of what scrub I used and how I applied it to my face.
What works best for my face is a light scrub twice a week, which I do on a Wednesday
and Sunday using St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub, this removes any dead skin cells and buffs my skin smooth
of any dry patches should they appear.

Throughout The Day
In my bag I keep a mini bottle of Mac's Fix + spray, I don't use this to set my make-up.
I simply use it to keep my skin refreshed and to perk it up every now and then,
Personally I don't  find it to do much other than refresh (brilliant in the warmer months)
without leaving my skin looking wet or removing my make-up.
There is lots of alternatives on the market in terms of facial refreshment sprays but this is the one I favour
as it is aerosol free so it can be popped into any bag including carry on luggage at the airport.
Mac Fix + comes in two sizes I buy the largest bottle and use it to fill my mini bottle as I find the smaller
more travel/handbag friendly.
You can also make your own refreshing facial spray by watering down your own facial toner,
I'd use a 50/50 ratio to do such.

When I Get Home
After a full day of make-up wear I look forward to removing it all, I actually day dream about it haha!
I used to use make-up wipes but I found them too harsh and not to cleanse effectively
so for a little while now I have been using Biodermea Sebium H20 to quickly cleanse to let my 
skin breathe in a moments notice, I swipe a few cotton pads soaked in this solution and wipe the majority of 
my make-up off before settling down to my evening meal.

It is also at this point that I remove my mascara and the rest of my eye make-up, for a long while now
I have been relying on Boots Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel, it cools the delicate eye area
and removes any eye make-up swiftly and gently. 
One bottle is less than £2 and lasts for what feels like forever, well worth the pocket change.

Each Evening 
Before I go to bed I thoroughly cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin.
I again use my Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Face Wash but I use it with the Rio Sonicleanse,
initially I was using the Sonicleanse twice a day but I find once a day is more than sufficient for my skin type.
I ensure that the Sonicleanse has removed every little scrap of make-up (this includes my neck).

Next I use Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic soaked on cotton pads and gently swipe it over my face,
this not only ensures that no traces of dirt or make-up have been left behind but it also calms and soothes
my skin, I have tried many toners but I do have to admit that this by far my favourite.
I earlier mentioned constructing your own facial spray for refreshing purposes,
well this toner would be more than ideal to spray on to cool the skin.

Once I've done that I use a facial serum, I will level and say i'm not all that fussed when it comes to serums
I will use whatever I have hanging around and at the moment I am using Nip + Fix No Needle Serum,
I have only recently been a convert to serums but I have it on good authority that they help to ensure
that your moisturiser works properly which sounds good to me and my skin.
Admittedly I haven't noticed any difference but if it helps in the future then I shall stick with it.

I often chop and change moisturisers but more often than not I favour a light formula
that is oil free as this agrees more with my oily skin type. 
I do not apply moisturiser all over my face as my t-zone and cheeks
get more than enough moisture from the serum so I only apply a light coat of moisturiser to the very rim
of my face, my neck and décolletage, then I massage the remainder into my hands.

As with my skin I use a serum and follow up with a cream product on my eyes.
I use Clinique All About the Eyes Eye Serum and The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream,
I find both help with my dark circles and keep the skin around my eyes hydrated.

Before popping into bed I slick on a quick coat of Carmex lip balm and off to the land of nod I go!

Once A Week
As a weekly treatment I slap on a thin layer of Soap and Glory's Facial Peel Mask,
this is by far my favourite mask, it leaves my skin glowing and deeply cleansed.
I adore it so much that I have went through a good few tubs and recommend it to all!

The sexiest thing in my skin care routine is my pore strips ;)
I slap one of these bad boys on to my nose and let it extract all the nastiness from my pores,
I know it is pretty disgusting but I really enjoy looking at the aftermath on the strip haha!

So that is everything I use on a weekly basis and why!
Thank you for the request Kerrie :)

Disclaimer - This shouldn't need a disclaimer but skin care and skin for that matter
is such a personal and diverse topic that I felt I should stress that simply because the above mentioned products work for me doesn't mean that they will for you.