I apologise that this post contains no "real" swatches but my reasons are legit,
this eyebrow pencil lists cocoa butter as one of it's ingredients and that is sadly one of my allergies,
my eye area is too sensitive to risk it for a few photos...sorry about that!

Moving on this pencil is packaged really well, okay it is a typical pencil there's not all that much you can do
to dress it up but unlike some eyebrow pencils this has a cap to keep the brow brush covered 
and free from germs and dirt so that alone is a great addition.

The Accessorize Eye Brow Pencils come in two shades - light brown and dark brown
if I was to purchase this for myself I would choose the lighter option but the dark brown
is a great shade option for those with darker hair!

As mentioned this contains cocoa butter making the pencil super soft and easy to apply ( I imagine),
it wasn't so soft that it melted on contact with the paper and lost it's shape but soft in the sense
that it won't tug on the skin and will be easy to blend into the brow for a natural effect.
I would personally set this with a quick coat of clear mascara or whatever your preference is to 
ensure it stays put all day, I'm a little saddened  I couldn't fully test this as it seems to be a great addition
to the already expansive Accessorize make-up line!

 Accessorize Eye Brow Pencils cost £2.95 and available from selected Superdrug and Accessorize stores.

This post contains a PR sample.