I bought Mac Power to the People thinking it was very much a novelty highlighting product which I guess it is in some sense but it is aimed at highlighting the eye area not the face like a typical highlighter...most odd!
Adding to it's oddness is the fact that it looks like Mr Blobby (Google him if you are not British)
has put his name to the collection not Beth Ditto.

So yes this is supposedly an eyeshadow “Play with polka dots to create highlighting effects on your eyes by blending the colours of this ultra-fine, lightweight pressed powder with a velvet-smooth finish.”
Okay cool but everything about it screams blush/face product to me, from the large section of pink
to the fact that it is housed in Mac's typical blush/face powder compact.
I have to be honest and say that I ordered in a rush without paying any mind to the description,
I assumed that it was a face product given it's deceiving looks and that Mac had lumped it into
the face category on their site - very misleading Mac!

Normally I would go ahead and swatch the product and write up my review regardless of what the item was
but after reading Temptalia's review - link (normally I check out such blogs before making an order list
but the UK launched this collection before it hit the US/Canada) and after seeing how chalky each shade is
and generally how under performing this item is I have decided not to touch the product but to send it back.
I know I will never use it for it's intended use and as a blush I wasn't that impressed 
by the swatches and given that it costs £21.50 I think I would rather have a refund and a blush that
I would use rather than some crazy palette that has me most confused!

Have you ever bought a cosmetic item only to be disappointed and have to return?
More importantly which blush should I get with my refund haha!

Mac Powder to the People £21.50/10g - link